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Good black for ceiling and soffit

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I'm getting my paint from Lowe's and wanted to know what black everyone was using for their ceiling, soffit and screen wall? I've read flat finish is best but they have a dark kettle black and a new black. The new black looks almost purpley for lack of a better term
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I actually tried Ben Moore/Sherwin Williams/Valspar/Behr/Glidden.

For widely available paint...I went with Behr "Mickey Mouse Ears" Black -- blacker and with less sheen than all of the widely available others. I am not a Behr fan (firm SW/BM paint fan) but this is a serious flat black. Just be sure your surface is clean and without imperfections as a flat black will show every imperfection. Also, because it is a flat black, it will scuff easily.
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If your ceiling is prone to a lot of scuffing due to the height, Mouse ears in flat black ENAMEL wipes up better than the regular flat black. A FYI Mouse Ears was nothing more than marketing hype by Disney and Behr paints. It is just paint with the maximum amount of black pigment that can fit in the can. No Pixie dust. They no longer sell Mouse Ears, but they sell paint with the same mix formula.
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Big, does anyone else make a similar flat black? Also do you worry about reflections with the flat black enamel? I would have thought the highest sheen you want is eggshell.
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The sheen of flat black enamel is more than the regular flat, It is the price you pay for durability and cleanability. You want non reflective black, get the Rosco. It was used in my Ohio project. Warning, do not spray the ceiling unless you like black dust over everything.
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Big, if its new construction do you still say no to spraying the ceiling? Would you use the black enamel on ceiling and soffits?
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My bad experience was home owner sprayed Rosco black. I fought it for 10 days and it was still a factor when trying to make the screen. White and black don't mix. Enamel is appropriate for areas that will be frequently touched. You have to decide on your surfaces. Behr Mouse ears flat black will show a smudge when you just touch it with a totally clean finger. Just a FYI, use a clean micro fiber cloth to try to rub out the smudges.
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Only use the non-flat (eggshell / enamel) if you want black on surfaces that might get scuffed or have high traffic.

The flat is great for areas that won't (ie: high ceilings).

Spraying is fine for new construction -- just spraying a ceiling is very messy in old areas plus make sure you backroll.
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Behr ceiling flat is one i just used (cheaper than the premium which i think also has no enamels) to avoid any enamels (sheen). Looks perfect but dont touch it. Sherwin Williams also has one or two types still without enamels but make sure you ask the right person to confrm.
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