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Crown XLi Thread

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Crown released a new series called the XLi. It lacks the X-Over and Limiter functions and adds true .775 sensitivity (user selectable between .775 and 1.4 volts). So should be friendly to consumer AVR's and DACS.

Prices start at $249 for 200WPC at 8 and 300WPC at 4 but I believe they are 1 Khz ratings.

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Hmm, $849 on eBay for the xli 3500, much cheaper than the two Emotiva XPR-1's I was thinking about for the same 1,000 wpc....
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Just noticed that there's no rating for 2 ohms, unlike their XLS series. Would these not be good for Martin Logan electrostats?
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Well, Crown responded to my email:

"The Xli series is a basic entry level amplifier without any of the extras. It is the entry level before the XLS series. It is not rated to 2 ohms stereo or 4 ohms bridge."

Oh well, my hunt continues...
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Will this have the 20hz high pass...
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The specs for damping factor are given from 10 Hz to 400 Hz (>200), for what its worth. Makes me think it does not have a 20 Hz HPF, but we all know what happens when you assume (Bad News Bears reference, ass-u-me).

I like that is has RCA input with appropriate levels, many pro amps have RCAs but not with the right input sensitivity. The 2500 looms nice for a pair of sealed 18" Dayton subs. To bad the amp testing crowd seems to have departed the forum.
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