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4:3 BD Content on a 4:3 TV

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I am looking for a BD player with a composite video output that will properly display 4:3 BD content on a 4:3 standard definition TV. By "properly display" I mean the 4:3 image should fill the ENTIRE 4:3 screen without geometric distortion.

I have "Star Trek: TOS" on BD in which the 4:3 image is pillarboxed within the 16:9 frame. So far I've tried a Sony BDP-S590 and an LG BP220; neither one can properly display the content. The "best" that can be had is the 4:3 picture is pillarboxed within the 16:9 frame, which itself is letterboxed on the 4:3 screen. In other words, the 4:3 picture is severely windowboxed on my 4:3 TV screen.

Does such a BD player exist? So far no dealer I've been to even has a 4:3 TV on which this can be tested, so I end up having to purchase a BD player, try it at home, and then return it when it doesn't function as I want it to.

I have found that one cannot rely on owner's manuals, since these don't get into enough detail (or are just plain wrong).
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BD content is never true 4:3, its always 16:9 with matting for a 4:3 image. Therefore the only way to display it "full screen" on a 4:3 monitor is by zooming.
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BD supports SD 480i60 4:3 and 16:9, as in many 'extras'.

In the OP's case, the 4:3 content presumably is HD and hardcoded as 1080p 16:9 with pillarboxing.

I can think of a complicated way to display this as full screen 4:3 SD with video processors and adaptors but wouldn't make sense when the simple solution is to use the cheaper DVD version.
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Yes, the Star Trek BD content is 1080p HD and pillarboxed at 4:3.

The 4:3 TV (a Proton VT-296) isn't my primary display device (although it used to be); it is now relegated to the bedroom. I have it connected to a Pioneer LaserDisc player, which is showing major signs of distress after approximately 23 years. I have all the original Star Trek TOS episodes on laser disc and recently purchased them on BD, figuring a BD player will have a mode for displaying 4:3 content full screen on a 4:3 TV.

The external ATSC tuner I have connected to the Proton TV does have the ability to chop off the sides of a 16:9 image and display it full screen on a 4:3 TV, which is what I want to do with the Star Trek TOS content. I guess this function has been lost! smile.gif
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Just tried a refurbished Philips BDP5506 (purchased via Walmart.com). The "4:3 Crop" TV Display option had me hoping for the best, but it turned out to be the same as the other two BD players I tried. Back to Walmart it goes!
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