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Camera Calibration Questions

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I am going to be shooting a small project for my office to show that we can do our training videos in-house on a tight budget. To do this I will be using several cameras at my disposal but I want to have consistent color across the range of devices. To do this I was looking at pre-printed color charts.

This is one such chart: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/465700-REG/DSC_Labs_FB12_4_FrontBox_12_4_Test_Chart.html

As you see these are not cheap. I would much rather spend the money on a colorimeter and calibrate my printer and display and print my own charts. However I've found little information on this process. On top of that the test patterns I find are for video resolution and not print. It seems to me that making a calibration chart would be pretty simple but I don't know what colors to use to get the best results. It seems to me that most of the charts use some odd colors and of course what they call 'natural skin tone colors' but I don't find any reference to what those colors are.

If anyone has any suggestions, advice or tutorials I would be greatly appreciative.
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Manual white balance. Additional color correction in post if needed. For pro cams you can set up color matrix, for consumer cams you cannot.
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I'm using 2 iPhone 4 and a Kodak Play touch, everything has to be done in post because those options are not available which is why I asked about using a chart.

I know most people are going to jump straight to saying don't use these cameras but it's what's available so we can skip that step. I just intend to do all white balancing and color correction in Final Cut. Once I'm able to produce a result the boss is happy with I can then get decent camera or two.
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