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I have an LG 55LHX TV. My ASW1000 Media Box needed repair. The repair service (through Geek Squad) has been attempting to repair it for over a month. The board (key board) on which the ir receiver resides was damaged and I can't turn on the TV. Tired of watching an old 20" TV, I purchased an ASW1000 Media Box on ebay which had come with an LG 47LH85 TV. I hooked it up, but can't get it to input the HDMI1 setting. It goes to Wireless and keeps flashing. When I try to set it to HDMI1 through the remote, It tells me the HDMI1 input is not available . I have bypassed my receiver for now. The HDMI connection runs from my Dish VIP720 DVR to the HDMI1 input on the Media Box.

Here's my question: Is the media box that came with the LG 47H84 TV compatible with my LG 55LHX TV.]