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Projector Newb Seeking Recommendations!

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Hello AVS community!
I have been doing some research for some time now seeking for the ideal projector. However, because of my lack of knowledge on this kind on technology I've failed to find something that I am sure would work. A projector is a huge investment and the event I am using it for is incredibly important to me, so I could not risk making any mistakes. This is what brought me here.

Firstly, I guess i should introduce myself. My name is Jenny and I am an artist currently created a performance piece for a big gallery show.
Probably the biggest gallery show I've ever had the opportunity to show in. My performance however is going to be via internet. I am going to do a live streaming webchat that will be projected onto the gallery walls. With a webcam, I am going to live stream my webcam feed to the internet and the webcam feed will be projected onto the walls. The projector needs to be able to project a beautiful webcam feed.

My projection will be 3 feet wide. I will probably be about 3 feet away from the wall. I may be able to move it closer or further slightly accordingly. The projector will be placed on a short shelf on a table and will be at a low angle pointing upwards to the wall, so keystone functionality will be really important here. I will be connecting my projector as the only monitor to a desktop. It is a really bright gallery and I will be showing in a group show, which means there will be tons of bright spotlights used to light everyone elses artwork. They also have huge windows with daylight pouring in. Lights from both the gallery and windows may drown out my projection. I am seeking a high quality, short throw, super bright projector so that my performance does not get drowned out or lose it's vibrancy or clarity. I saw that projectors go up to 5000 lumens now but I want to let you guys who know more about this subject matter decide what I need.

Please send me your suggestions. Ideally I do not want to go over $3000 but I am open to spending wayy more just to find the perfect projector. What I am truly aiming for is a projector that can help me create a perfect show. I appreciate all your help and advice here. Thank you so much.
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3 feet wide? Can a television not work?

The limiting factor here will be the quality of the webcam, not so much the quality of the projector.
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Thanks for responding Verge2. I like the look of the projection better. Conceptually it helped mimic looking into a window better than a monitor does. People are used to seeing things like video feeds and live streams through monitors, that I just feel like it isn't what I want aesthetically. Can you explain further how the projector will degrade the webcam feed? Is using a projector for my situation a bad idea? Is there not a projector in the market that can do what I need without degrading the quality of the image?

Thank you in advance. If anyone else can offer any suggestions and pointers, I would really appreciated them. Thank you.
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I was looking around at short throw projectors and noticed that the brighter the lumens the bigger the projection usually is. For example, the Optoma TW695UTi-3D is a 3500 lumen projector that has a throw distance of 1.6' - 2.1' and image size of 75.5" - 99.1".

And then I saw the BenQ MS616ST which is a 2500 lumen projector that has a throw distance of 3.0' - 18.0' (perfect) and a image size of 41.7" - 300.0" (perfect) but is lower in brightness. So perhaps 2500 lumens is bright sufficient enough for what I want to do. But like I said, I am not familiar with projectors so I am not sure how much lumens is sufficient. Maybe 2500 is enough for a dark room, and not enough for a gallery space? Perhaps there is another projector out there that has the similar ultra short throw and image size specs and is brighter for what I need. I don't know.... Your guidance would be helpful. Thanks again!
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For the image size that you are projecting and at that distance, 2500 lumens is more than enough as long as there is no light shining directly on the projection area.
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2500 lumens will hurt your eyes in a dark room. You just have to remember black for a projector is the ambient color of the wall. All the higher brightness does is trick your eyes.

I would stay away from any high brightness DLP that has a clear segment in the color wheel, as it is useless for video. Aside from that, I would imagine most new projectors will look roughly the same as the webcam feed is what limits the quality.
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Do you have any recommendations on projectors?
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The lowest cost brightest projector with the shortest throw that has at least 720p resolution?
Perhaps research your options at www.projectorcentral.com.

Most of us our into home theater projectors and you will probably be better off with a crossover projector or biz projector, so we don't know that much on this type of application (though a few do if you are lucky enough to have one post). I would know if it were a longer throw, but at that throw distance, well not sure.
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I agree with Verge2, a television would work much better at that size and distance. Maybe get one with a minimal amount of border?

But....you're obviously the best judge aesthetically on how you want to use the projector for.

2500 lumens in a bright gallery will appear washed out and will not work IMO. After a quick search for widescreen short throw projectors on projector central you don't have any perfect options :-/. They don't market that many short throw projectors that are super bright. There are a couple of models that have 3,000 lumens but in my mind that would get washed out if watching during the daytime at a gallery. I could be wrong, I'd have to see a picture of the gallery but in general they are well designed to let a lot of naturally light in.

If you're willing move the projector back a little more you'll have some more options. I assume you want at least 720p for the resolution? They have a lot of super bright XGA resolution projectors that aren't too $ but that may be too low resolution for you.

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