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Hi all! New to the site need some help

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What I have is a private function room in a restaurant that I need some help with. Our other room has twelve jbl control 25s and is a 70v setup. Works great for background.

The new room has five jbl control 28 speakers. They are 8ohm. I have an emotiva x series 5 channel amp. And the receiver is a marantz sr8001. Cannot for the life of me figure out how to run the five speakers in stereo or analog.... The reciever has pre outs on the back and only two out of the eight actually send out a signal to amp. I just want the pre outs to send a stereo signal or analog. Not sure if this is possible. If not what do you recommend? My friend has an av8003 preamp for sale he wants $500 for it??? Would that work / work better ? I find marantz is extremely difficult to figure out the manual and setups.
Also looking into a projector setup that will hook up into the marantz. budget on the projector is about 5k with screen.
DVD player we also already have its the marantz ud7006
Any help would greatly be appreciated.
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Is the sr8001 even capable of sending out stereo on all eight pre outs?
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Yes, the 8001 supports "All CH Stereo" mode.
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Any one have any idea how to set it up as all channel stereo? Is t worth to get the av8003 in my scenario ?? Thanks again
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Although both models are very fine flagship models of their time, both are likely way overkill for your scenario. The JBL Control 28 speakers are fairly efficient so the XPA-5 shouldn't even be required with the 8001. Simply connect the speakers to the 8001 speaker terminals. You should be able to select the "All CH Stereo" mode as described in the 8001 Owner's manual. Also note you would want to upgrade to a more current HDMI 1.4 model if you intend to pass 3D video to the PJ.
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