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Bose LifeStyle 38 Replacement - Better Choice

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I had BOSE lifestyle 38 for about 7 years now. I have few complaints about its performance but overall an OK experience. Now I have media center broken and BOSE is offering 50% off if I want to upgrade to new one as customer satisfaction or whatever(ofcourse fix existing one for ~$200). Comparable I am looking at Life Style v25.

Reading all the articles in this forums, BOSE is all Hype and no value for Money. I spend some time to come up with AVR + Speaker Combo which sounds like a killer but costs ~$2500.

Yamaha - RX-A1020 7.2 channel Receiver
Front - Polk TSI 400
Center - Polk CS20
Rear - Polk TSI 200
Sub - PSW 125

While I tend to believe from sound performance perspective Yamaha + Polk is going to blow my mind but for half the price is Bose V25 a good comparable option?

Is there a system that I can build for $1250 comparable to LifeStyle V25 system?
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You could build one of these for about $1.25 and it would be comparable to a Bose V25
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You're on the right track with the components you picked, maybe you could just scale it back a bit to fit your budget.

That Receiver is an absolute beast. You could get a Yamaha RX-V model for about half the cost that would be more than capable of driving those speakers. Even the RX-A720 would save you about $200. The speakers you picked out seem reasonably priced for what you are getting. If you did a little digging around the internet you may be able to find them on sale or even find something comparable for a little less.

Your next option would be to look into package deals (AKA HTIB) that include a separate AVR and speakers. Stay away from those all-inclusive HTIB's that have a blu-ray integrated into the receiver, you will get much better performance from a standalone AVR. Check out Yamaha, Denon, & Onkyo they all have packages that should fit your budget and would absolutely blow away the Bose system.
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