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Hey Guys,

I have a dilemma with my set up and I am looking for some advice.

My set up includes:

Oppo-BDP-95-Blu Ray Player

Pioneer BDP 09FD-Blu Ray Player

DVDO Duo-Video Proccessor

JVC-RS45 Projector

Parsound P7 Multi Analog Pre-AMP

The problem that is occurring is video audio Lip Sync with the combination of my Oppo, DVDO and Parasound.

I purposely purchased the Oppo to take advantage of its analog section that is superb. However when combining it with my DVDO it creates a lyp sinc issue.

DVDO duo does have a lip sync delay but it only works in the digital domain (HDMI Audio) Not Analog. My Pioneer BDP 09FD has a lip sync adjustment that allows me to make the adjustment in the player that allows for the sync adjustment.

Last week Oppo released a firmware update for there new players that now includes an audio sync. I called Oppo in regards to this thinking - great maybe they will be included in the BDP-95 I was disappointed to know that it would not be.

I informed them of my situation and they told me that the release of the new firmware and the addition of the audio sync was specifically a different issue on the new players ONLY and they do not know of any issues with audio sync on the BDP-95.
They said that my problem is not in the player it is the DVDO.

The rep informed me that they can put the request in but most likely will NOT be implemented on the BDP-95.
If you guys can come up with any suggestion on how I can approach a way to get sync the audio with then my system. Other wise I may have to sell my lest then a year player for the new one that allows this adjustment..

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You will get more responses if you post in the Oppo 95 thread.
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