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Wiring my Home Theater

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Hey all, I am in the process of finishing off my basement with a home theater. Nothing over the top but I am planning for surround sound, large TV, and a gaming system at a minimum. My TV will be centered on a wall and my AV equipment will be in a cabinent about 10 feet away. I am at the point now where I need to start wiring but I am a bit stuck on how to run power to my equipment. Should I put all of my AV equipment on one circut with multiple outlets? Multiple circuts? Should I hardwire in a surge protector in the back of my cabinent? If so, what kind? Or should I just plug a surge protector into one of my outlets? I just want to do it right. If you have any help or thoughts on what to do, please let me know. Thanks,
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If you don't have huge power amps or anything one circuit should be fine.

I used a power strip like this. Plenty of outlets and nice spacing. Forty bucks at the big orange box.
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Thanks, but then you still dont have any surge protection, right?
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I used something like this to protect my wall mounted plasma:


Then just use a standard plug in surge suppressor for your cabinet.
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