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Help Bitstream

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I am running Windows 7 32 bit with a Radeon HD 5450. I have the latest HDMI Audio driver from AMD installed. HDMI runs from my video card to an HDMI input on my Onkyo TX-SR806, which is then output to an HDMI Detective and then to my TV.

For some reason, in the Sound window under control panel, the only supported format under HDMI Audio is Dolby Digital. Further, I can only select 2 channel audio, even though I am running a 5.1 setup.

What am I doing wrong? I want to bitstream like you wouldn't believe. I have been searching the various threads, but there is almost too much info out there.

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To clarify, I installed my HDMI Detective tonight. I started by plugging the unit into the wall and saw a green light. I then plugged the HDMI from my TV into the HDMI Out port on the unit and pressed the program button. The programming was successful. I then put DIP Switch 4 to "On" and set the unit so that it would not write over the settings.

Next, I ran HDMI from my computer into the HDMI IN port on the unit, ran HDMI from the HDMI Out port into an input on my Onkyo receiver and then ran an HDMI cable from my Onkyo to the TV.

My computer monitor sees my LG 32LC2d-UD. I was hoping it would see my Onkyo instead. What am I doing wrong? I think that because the EDIT of this LG TV shows 2 channels, it is prohibiting me from doing anything else. It's like my TV doesn't even see the Onkyo receiver.

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This morning i moved the hdmi detector. Now hdmi runs directly from my htpc into my onkyo. The onkyo outputs hdmi into the hdmi detector which in turn outputs to the tv.

Now, my htpc recognizes the onkyo and lists dts hd, etc as a supported format. However , the htpc is still only sending 2 channels according to control panel. All the speaker locations on the onkyo light up. I cannot test the surrounds yet as i am finishing a move and they aren 't installed yet.

Am i on the right track?
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Did you try this:

Put the Gefen into programming mode. Connect htpc-->Gefen-->TV, program and save.

Connect htpc -->Gefen-->Onkyo-->tv.

Let us know what happens.
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That did not work. Now, all I get is a "no signal" screen from my tv

For the love of God, someone has to know how to do this. Earlier, I called Gefen tech support, and they were pathetically worthless

If I go HTPC --> Onkyo --> tv, windows sees the edit of the Onkyo, it shows support for DTS HD and 8 channels.

However, when I try to put the HDMI detective into the mix everything screws up. I clearly do not want to program the detective with the tv edit for the same reason as above.

Can anyone post detailed steps for exactly what they did to get their HTPC, HDMI detective, receiver (preferably Onkyo) and tv working together?
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In other words, what device do I need to program the detective with to make this work???
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I just synced my tv to the detector, then I inserted it as follows:

HTPC --> detector --> Onkyo --> tv. I can hear volume through my speakers, but still "no signal"

Any ideas??? Damn Hollywood for all of this!!!
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Try this: connect the 5450 dvi output to your tv, connect the 5450 hdmi output to your Onkyo. Set the tv as display 1, set the Onkyo as display 2, extend the desktop from display 1 to display 2. See if DTS-HD and TrueHD show up as a supported format. Make sure you select your Onkyo as the playback device.

I used to have an Onkyo 805 and this is the only way I could get it to bitsream. This method also eliminated my need to use my Gefen.
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