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Hi guys I have a Panasonic TX-P42S31B a few weeks ago we noticed it buzzing on light screens which it had never done before it was brought December 2011 new I came home tonight switched it on got two clicks the green led flashed 10 times then another click and nothing it had switched off I wouldn't mind if it got a lot of use but it gets used about two hours a day!! Any help would be appreciated many thanks justin
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He's got bigger problems than buzz.

Jbrownseter check this thread: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1001318/master-thread-for-panasonic-plasma-not-turning-on
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Thanks guys I have checked again this morning and tried to count the led blinks I think it's actually 7 they blink really fast. I don't want to go and buy another TV if its an easy fix but it has put me off panasonic
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Well 7 seems to indicate power supply. That could happen on any set, no matter the manufacturer. wink.gif
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Thanks sheshechic is there anywhere I can get a digram so I can test the power board to know what I should be expecting?
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7 blinks is SC, SU or SD. Very common with this model. NOT power supply, which would be none (no power), 2, 4 or 10 blinks.
You need to take the cover off and tell us the part #s of the boards, take pictures if you are not sure.

The buzzing is caused by the loose/dirty/bad screws, what I have heard though is that eventually if unchecked it can damage the board.
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