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One of my tv's is a DIGITAL NON- HD TV....I had it hooked up to a MOXI DVR and could view hd channels with no problem ( hd channels were crisper thats why I watched them, even though a non hd tv) and all was well until the MOXI shot craps. Charter Co no longer supprting Moxi and made me take this DCX 3501-M DVR. It is now hooked up, but here is issue, I can still view the HD channels on this non hd tv but the graphics are way too big! Example: The twirling Fox Box on lower left of screen of the Fox News station is entirely cut off -I can't even see it and the graphics are way too big. Also when viewing a baseball game on HD channel the box in upper left showing the score, balls, strkes, etc is cut in half and I can't see all of it. Any ideas? Would appreciate any help at all. Thanks!