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Panasonic hc-x910???

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I posted this in the x-920 thread, but maybe that wasn't the right place to do it. I was looking at Panasonic's website at the differences between the x920m/x920 and x910. I don't need the memory in the x920m, or the WiFi in the x920. It looks like the x910 is the model that would fit my needs (and hopefully my budget) perfectly. However I have not heard a single thing from Panasonic about it. I have even emailed their customer service and have not got a response.

Does anybody here know anything about the x910?

Is it specific to a region?
Will it be coming out later?

I'm looking top get a replacement for my Panasonic pv-gs150. I'd like to stick with the three chip sensor. But budget plays an important role in my decision. I'm stuck between waiting to see if I can get a deal on the x900/920 for under $600, or settling on the v720 (which is not a bad choice I've heard). But not knowing anything about the x910 makes it more difficult. If the 910 slots somewhere in the middle of the 920 and 720, that would be awesome.
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The X910 basically has the guts of the X920 minus some features so basically the video quality will be exactly the same. This is a common practice of Panasonic to offer cheaper versions of their top camcorders but with slightly less features. As for the dates and territories, it's positive that you'll get a version for PAL countries. NTSC version might also be available but I don't know the dates for any territory. The pricing will sure to be less than the X920. If it does come out in the US for example, you might see a price anywhere from $600 to $800. The SD600 was released for $600 in the past but I'm not so sure Panasonic will want the X910 to be that low. Around $700 to $800 is more realistic.
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The SD700 was not offered in the U.S.
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I did say the SD600 being available in the US and it's true that the SD700 wasn't but as I implied, I'm not really sure about the X910 for the US market. We'll have to see what Panasonic decides. When it came to the SD600 back then, Amazon was the exclusive distributor in the US and then B&H was allowed to sell it. As far as Panasonic is concerned, the X920 is very cheap as is in the US so it's probably a hard choice for them to choose to sell the X910 in that territory while for Europe, their profit margin is most likely higher so it's easier to sell PAL units. Look at the GH3 for example. If you go on Amazon UK, it's been easily available for a while but on Amazon US, it's been hard to find on sale. Well, as you'll see, it cost significantly more money to get it in Europe. Yes their are added taxes but it still seams like Panasonic is making a bit more profit in England which is why it's easily available their. Again, we'll have to wait and see what Panasonic decides to do with the X910 when it comes to the US market. Eighter they'll not sell it at all or they'll do what they did to the SD600 and decide to sell it a while later. This way, they'll be able to make some profits off the X920 while the X910 isn't in the US market yet. I suspect they are currently doing that to Europe at the moment by only selling the X920 model.
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I hope they release the x910 in the US! It looks like with the x910, the only feature missing from the x920 is the wifi. In the previous versions (sd600/x800) they skimped on the EVF and Manual Ring. This one looks to be more in line to what the SD700 was to the TM700...Only hopefully it won't just be relegated to Europe!

I think I'll see if I can find another panasonic email and keep bugging them until they at least give me the "thank you for your inquiry" email.
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keep us posted.
I've got SD600 and never looked back at TM700.
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