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A/V sync problem with Vizio VHT215 and Panasonic TC-P50G20

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I've been wrestling with a problem for over a year, very intermittently - time to admit defeat, I need help.

My Panasonic TC-P50G20 is connected to a Vizio VHT215, which sounds great, or at least great enough. But there is a noticeable sync problem between the audio and video.

My audio connection to the Vizio has been optical. Today I tried hooking everything up to send the audio via ARC. As far as I can tell, the synch problems are identical.

The audio sync is very evident on all audio flowing through the TV, whether that be from the little Asus NetTop PC, the Blue-Ray player, or the output of the cable box (which all go into the TV via HDMI.

  1. Has anyone else experienced this and were you able to find a solution?
  2. Is there any way adjust timing of the audio within the Vizio?
  3. What about adjusting the timing within the Panasonic?

I'd greatly appreciate any assistance. Thank you,

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Hi jstevans,
I have experienced the same A/V sync issue with my Sony BX450 LCD and the Vizio 215 soundbar. The A/V sync has nothing to do with the Vizio 215 but its the TV that is causing the issue. I have my soundbar hooked up to my tv via optical cable and everything else is hooked up to my TV via hdmi. I'm experiencing A/V sync problem with my bluray and the DISH receiver. But if you try connecting the bluray or the Dish receiver directly to the soundbar, there is no more sync issues.

Here's a solution:

My guess is that you are bitstreaming the audio to your soundbar? If you are, go back to your devices and switch them to PCM. That should fix the A/V sync problem because when we Bitstream, some tvs aren't fast enough to process it quickly enough to pass it through to the soundbar.
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Thank you for the suggestion. I've looked at both user manuals and find no mention of switching from bitstreaming to PCM. Any idea how I would go about doing as you suggest?

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