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In Ceiling Surrounds need help

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Im looking at some in ceilings for surrounds for a 7.2 setup but i am having trouble choosing. The ones that im looking at currently are niles CM7FX, Niles DS7FX, and and SpeakerCraft Aim7two.

The niles have two tweeters and have direct and diffuse settings. in the manual it says to use direct for the rear surrounds (4,5) and diffuse for the side surrounds(6,7). I read alot of good things about the speaekrcraft wich only have one tweeter and dont have a diffuse setting. Are the niles settings a gimmick or would they be better surrounds.

I have 2 boston a360s up front, a A225c center, and two 12" subs powered by an onkyo txnr809. I also have the unfavorable square room 16x16 with 8foot ceiling. trying to get the best out of this set up. Any other recommendations will be gladly appreciated. The room is a work in progress planning on putting the center on the mantle with some l brackets for cc speakers.

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I did http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=108&cp_id=10837&cs_id=1083702&p_id=4103&seq=1&format=2 for my side surrounds and http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=108&cp_id=10837&cs_id=1083701&p_id=4102&seq=1&format=2 for my back surrounds. I have been pleased with their performance and their great price.

http://www.monoprice.com/ is a great spot to look at.

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U thought about those too. I plan on slowly upgrading and would like to get some good surrounds that I won't want to upgrade in a while. What do you have up front for lcr?
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I meant I thought about those too. How much of a difference would a bigger tweeter make?
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I have 10" WVS for a steal, and a cheap @ss Sony center from Goodwill. No sh!t. It's all about having an interest in AVS and whatnot.

Bigger tweeters? What is the end goal? Are you gonna room treat, etc...

In-Ceiling speakers are permanent, so put in the best that you can find, for the price that you are willing to pay, with option for future upgrades.
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I plan on room treatment slowly in the future as I build up the system. I've been looking at the speakercraft aim7 twos but they're 150 each hard to justify the price vs monoprice. I thing I'm gonna order the monoprice ones and try them. What's a good way to test them out without putting them in the ceiling?
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I used ladders and stacked boxes, for the general idea. After I was satisfied, I got out my tape measurer and sketched out where I wanted them. 2' from back and side walls. Rears are 4' apart, 4' back from MLP. Sides are 10' apart, 4' up from rears(roughly centered) to the MLP.

Our MLP is a love seat w/dual recliners, so the adjustable tweeters are aimed at the seat further away, therefore having the sound cross over the MLP.

I was lucky that all of my measurements fell in-between the rafters.

I marked dead center for all of my measurements and used a nail, string, and pencil to measure out the circumference. I used a chalk line to line up both sets of speakers with each other, and a chalk line for the center line, so three sets of lines, making sure everything is 90* off of the centerline.

I saved all of the cut 'disks', incase I ever need to patch the holes.

After everything was mounted, I used 1/2 of each box to cover the back of the speakers. We have loose fill as insulation, so I piled it around and on top of the boxes.

Measure, measure, measure! The old adage, "measure twice, cut once", is the truth.

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Im down to choosing between the speakercraft aim7two and niles CMFX7roughly i can get each for about 150. Or i can go the cheaper route and stick to the monoprice speakers the 8in ones with the angled woofer for side surrounds and the normal 8 inch for rears. those are the only ones that can handle the receiver at 135 Watts per channel. or the BIC VK6C 6.5 at 80 for a pair. decisions decisions! im wondering what the difference will be btw the cheaper route and the speaekrcrafts
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