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Along with my new need to get an alarm after the break in, the wife (and I) want some good security cameras. We've been wanting these for reasons other than security so now is the time...

Problem is, I don't want the cheap stuff but don't have the $$$ for IP cameras - plus I'd be worried if I put too nice a camera out, they themselves might be stolen!

So here are my needs and can anyone please suggest a company (or site) I can go to which can help me find a solution?

  • Non-proprietary wiring (siamese coax preferred)
  • DVR part of solution (do any offer off-site recording?)
  • Performs well at night as well as day
  • Options when it comes to lenses (wide-area vs normal, zoom)
  • Ideally, these are outdoor domed cameras - don't need domes per se but they look less threatening and I like that you can't easily tell where the camera is pointed

Any help as to who to call to get ideas of my options would be MUCH appreciated.