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MKV no longer streaming to my LG 55LM9600!?

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Hi guys,

I'm struggling for help here and LG tech support has been completely useless in every way..

Long story short here, I'm running a Windows 8 PC which is running to the same router as my smart TV. So therefore when I go to the menu and search through the inputs my Windows 8 PC actually shows up as an available input. When I select it, various folders are displayed such as music, pictures, playlists and videos. To my understanding whatever appears in these folders is a results of whichever media I choose to share within my Windows 8 sharing libraries.

So, about 4 months I chose to share a folder with movies in it. This folder on my PC had both MKV and MP4 files in it. And since this time I've always streamed my movies this way to my TV from my PC. Easy and hassle free!

Now about 2 weeks ago I noticed that the newest movies MKV files I was adding to my movies folder on my PC were not showing up when I opened that folder from my PC. I found it odd and just assumed it was that specific file. So I ignored it. Then it was every single MKV file afterwards that refused to appear in the folder. I would go on my PC, check the file is there and all sharing options and permissions were the same as the MKV files and no explanation as to why they wouldn't appear. So I did some troubleshooting. I cut the MKV file from my movie folder and pasted into a new folder, shared that folder and opened it through my tv. But it wasn't appearing there either. I tried to remove an MKV file that WAS appearing. And it showed it now gone through the tv. I repasted in the original folder on the PC but now it was no longer appearing through the tv. Very odd!

Dumb me went ahead and removed sharing of the folder on my PC and re-enabled it thinking maybe refreshing it might due the trick. Well that only removed all the MKV's from the folder now when opening them through the tv! I downloaded the newest version of K-Lite codec on my PC and tried to open the MKV's again through the tv. Good news now is that they appear.. but majority as unknown file types with a gray square icon with a "?" on it and a red do not enter logo. Nothing happens when I try to play these.

Any suggestions??

Sorry for the long explanation. I feel like everything was fine until the most recent tv software update..
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I just installed the LG SHARE software (which is Nero essentials) and my mkv plays perfectly fine, even with subtitles... also I have the update ver maybe that helps too
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