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My mother just got a 47" 720p TV but has an older standerd def DVD player. I have a 52" 1080p TV with a Blu-ray player and with the upscaling the picture is great but i'm wondering if a Blu-ray player will improve the picture on none BD discs on my moms 720p set and how much?

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A 720p (native resolution) TV will upscale to 720p anyway. So, I don't think a BR player will be that much of a visable improvement or worth the investment for SD DVD's.

You can easily take your BR player over to Mom's house and test/compare for yourself. wink.gif
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Signal Processing algorithms in a modern Blu-Ray Player MIGHT be significantly better than those in the HDTV. You also MIGHT see a noticeable difference if you switch between a Blu-Ray Player's HDMI and Component Video Output Interfaces, since these algorithms might not be applied the same on each Interface, for example HDMI Output MAY OR MAY NOT be a direct bit-for-bit stream read off the DVD, bypassing the Blu-Ray's Signal Processor and thereby relying solely on the algorithms in the HDTV.

Here is a description of the advanced Signal Processing algorithms in my pricey OPPO BD-93 3D Blu-Ray Player:
and a description of other similar algorithms and why they are needed:
You should be able to track down a generalized description of the algorithms in YOUR Blu-Ray Player....I'll bet they're much better than her old DVD Player....

And of course, there will be a big jump in PQ when playing Hi-Rez Blu-Ray discs...although not quite as good as on a 1080p HDTV....
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