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Hello all

I have had my unit since Christmas & it seemed fine for what I use it for {TiVo, BluRay & DVD}. I recently added a wireless headset to the Speaker B port. When I am watching my recorded shows on my TiVo 3 {DVR/BDR} or BluRay {BD} though the Speaker B/wireless headset, all is fine. My problem is when I watch Netflix through my TiVo or switch to my AppleTV {Video} to watch anything, after a minute or two, my VSX-1022-K powers off. I can watch anything using Speaker A/surround sound just fine but if I switch back to using Speaker B/wireless headset, a minute or two later, the unit turns off again when I watch Netflix or switch to AppleTV.

Anyone having a similar issue or have any suggestions?
Thanx smile.gif