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Looking for streaming solution NAS-->RECEIVER

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i finalized my NAS based on MS Home Server 2011 and now i would like to finalize streaming over DLNA from NAS to my (future) Receiver. What i would like to have and what i don't want:

- streaming from NAS directly to Receiver
- no need to turn on TV
- no additional harware between NAS and Receiver (no media streamer etc)
- best would be to browse files in NAS using remote control of receiver

At the moment i have Xtreamer Pro between TV and NAS or between receiver and NAS however it has only 10/100 Mb NIC which is not really suitable for of streaming 1080p content. Of course for music is OK but i need to turn on TV, which i would like to avoid.

I read some info that Network receivers are too expensive and not suggested for as network streamers because of difficult remote control and simple/bad displays (GUI) however this article was from 2011, maybe it changed already, I can imagine it could be really difficult to "call/play" music folder from NAS using Receiver remote control and diplay. But for me it is very important that i don't need to turn on TV.
I must buy new receiver because my old Yamaha is really old and not suitable to my needs. So before i invest money to new reciver i would like to ask you guys, because you are much more experienced...

Thanks. Martin
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Edit: I just reread your post and realized I totally missed a critical point: no streamer! rolleyes.gif You can ignore everything below this edit, but I'll leave it since someone might find it useful.

I think to do what you want, you need a receiver with these capabilities. I have an Onkyo SC-PR5508 pre/pro (basically the same as the 5008 AVR without the amps). It lets you access the NAS files and plays directly (I forget which formats as I don't use that feature). You really need the TV on to navigate properly though. You can use the display on the unit, but it would be very cumbersome. I'm sure there are a number of AVRs that will do this, but I'm not familiar with which models and which have what features. It may be difficult to find an AVR with this capability that gives you a good display without the TV though.

Other options, although technically in the streamer department, is access of NAS files via a BDP. My basic Sony lets me do this (need the TV though) - higher end would be the Oppo's (don't know about display requirements).

Hope that helps a little!


Not sure I fully understand your scenario. It sounds like music only since you want to use it without TV. Or do you want music and video but a GUI separate from the TV for the music?

If music only, I would investigate the Cambridge Audio NP30 - ~ $500 (or StreamMagic 6 if you want the excellent DACMagic Plus built in to it - $1000). It is the best higher quality music streamer for the money. There is also the upcoming Olive ONE for ~500 that looks very promising. All three of these use phone/tablet GUIs. The Cambridge Audio units have a barely usable display on the unit that work in a pinch. The Olive ONE will have a color LCD display on the unit that looks to be equivalent to the phone/tablet GUI.

I have the Cambridge Audio StreamMagic 6. The app works great on iOS. It is still buggy on Android but they are actively working on that (I'm now in the beta).

If you do want video, you can actually get cheaper units that will stream music and have a tablet GUI, but the music quality will be less. Generally because of cheaper parts and because they are really made for video and music is a second consideration. The simplest way to improve sound with these is by using their digital outs into a better DAC. You can either have a standalone DAC or make sure the receiver you get has a good quality DAC in it. Another tweak is to get an improved, after market, power supply.

The Popcorn Hour 300/400 series are leading contenders for video/music streamer with tabet GUI. Dune will have phone/tablet GUI when yaDIS 3.x comes out (who knows when), but you have to be comfortable on the bleeding edge since this is add on GUI rather than from the Dune people.

I'm sure there are some other boxes that fit these criteria. Follow up if I've misunderstood or didn't address your question.
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Hi Peter, thanks for your reply! I will have a look on equipment you listed/recommended. Unfortunately I have no possibility to draw scheme at the moment so i will try to explain more exactly what i am looking for.

I would like to stream both music and 1080p video content from NAS over DLNA.

But for music i really don't want to turn on TV. I don't want to have some additinal equipment between receiver and NAS. So i have checked internet and found that latest models of receivers has LAN connectors and DLNA ability. So i thought this is what i am looking for. But then i read following article and i think the guy is right:


Therefore i am looking for best possible solution - something between receiver and network player where it will be easy to control streamed content (browse files, play them, stop, skip, etc etc...) Using Iphone or Ipad is not a problem, also in case i switch to android in future. Many people use Xbox or PS3 for streaming or other media players/streamers but i would like to avoid these.

simple schemes

Streaming of Music

NAS-->RECEIVER (no TV involved at all)

Streaming of Movies


Don't know if Receiver is the right word for the equipment but i am definitely looking for one box through which i stream everything in best possible quality both music and video+sound (HD DTS etc..)

Just fyi, i am from central europe and when i visited 1 Hi-Fi shop in Austria where i picked up my Definitive technology speakers, i asked guy about Cambridge Audio and he strongly refused, but don't know why...maybe they got better margin on other stuff smile.gif
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This is the only Cambridge Audio piece I've owned. I think it is regarded as entry level high end, that is, just above mid-fi. I am very impressed with the DAC in the streamer (it is their DACMagic Plus incorporated into the streamer box.

When you refer to "receiver" I take that to mean preamp/processor and amplifiers built in, usually with AM/FM (AVR = Audio Video Receiver). Maybe you mean something else?

If you are going to get a streamer, sometimes called media player, I would look at the new Popcorn Hour A-400. It's only about $350 or less here in the US. It will do video and music and has both iOS and Android controller apps. There are probably other options, but for more money. If anyone else here knows about a sub $500 media player that has iOS/Android apps for control, please chime in.

But, looking at that CNET article, it looks like there are some receivers that allow airplay or iOS control. So that gets you part of the way there. I'm not sure they will stream video though. I'm sure they will before long if there aren't any now.

I'm partial to separates - that is, separate components for different functions. You have the most flexibility and generally better quality. Though it will cost more overall. So, a media player would be the "separate" just for connecting your NAS to your DAC/preamp/amp chain, whether that is all in one receiver, or separate units for each function. The technology for media players and streaming is changing rapidly. It is really just in its infancy. This way you can upgrade the media player in a year and not have to replace the whole receiver.
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I just saw your edit above..

Okay - correct, i meant AVR = Audio Video Receiver, like your Onkyo is. But you are absolutely right - This way you can upgrade the media player in a year and not have to replace the whole receiver.

The reason why i am looking for just one box for both audio and video is also power consumption - that's also the reason of not turning TV while choosing song or album to play. But it looks like i will anyway end up with both new DLNA Audio Video Receiver (streaming of music) and video streamer, or less expensive Audio Video Receiver not supporting DLNA just for movies etc + video streamer + for example Cambridge Audio Sonata for streaming of music...really don't know which way is the best...I would like to have as less equipment as possible....

EDIT: I would also like to have it as simple as possible, if i want to listen to the music i would really like to avoid turning on 2-3 equipments - network player, A/V receiver and also TV. The simpliest would be to turn on 1 thing and through mobile phone or tablet or in worse case using some remote control browse to the file/folder on NAS and start it.
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Bump, since still not solved, i would need more ideas, if use A/V receiver for DLNA streaming of music/1080p content from NAS or rather other solution? Once again, in case of streaming music i would like to avoid turning on TV juts to browse files or folder in NAS and then turn it off.. No TV should be involved at all...
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You do not need gigabit network to stream BD movies. Playing 3D movies not that's another matter. However, I bought a Pioneer SC-1522 a few weeks ago, and I can stream music from my iTunes library, my W7 PC, iPads and iPhones via Airplay or Server settings. I can also play music from Pandora.
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just got my Yamaha RX-V675 connected to home network. It plays music of my iTunes on my mac, AirPlay from iPhone and all music from my NAS drive. I have to choose music manualy which is bit of pain scrolling threw over 3000 songs. I preffer play music via AirPlay of my iPhone as can play all lists and even online content liku YouTube, LastFM, etc.  AV is connected via ethernet cable to my SuperHub. For movies I am using Smart TV Samsung with All Share app. I can watch and listen to all movies and music stored on the NAS drive. TV is connected via 5Ghz Wireless and has no issue playing HD, BlueRay movies of of NAS. 


No special settings require, all works without any problems.   

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