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Guacamelee! brings back old school platforming action

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Set in a world inspired by Mexican culture, Guacamelee! features a down-on-his-luck agave farmer named Juan Aguacate, who sets out to save the world when El Presidente’s Daughter is kidnapped by an Evil Charro Skeleton. The story takes place in and around a small village in Mexico, and has the player travelling through “The World of the Living” and “The World of the Dead” on his quest to rescue the girl he loves.

Guacamelee! is releasing on the PSN store today (PS3 + Vita for one price) and looks like an interesting throwback to the Castlevania/Metroid style of action platforming. You wander around through different areas, fighting enemies, avoiding traps and obstacles, and defeating bosses while acquiring various special abilities as new areas open up. It even has co-op. Here's a launch trailer:

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This is one I am looking forward too. I am a bit of a nerd and listen to the Beyond podcast from IGN, and they have been raving about this game for a while. I showed the wife a video of it and she has been asking when it comes out so we can play it, so I guess I have to get it now.
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Holy crap nuggets on a stick, buy this game!
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Yeah it is pretty fun and has some challenge to it. We've been playing it for about 2-3 hours and love it.
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Decent Indie game.

Decent Indie games end up being PSN+ freebies in 6 months.
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Six months? Naaah. Hit titles (like Journey) take around a year to appear for free. I like to wait for a lot of stuff, but the launch PS+ discount, along with the cash back program, are good reasons for me to get it this week.
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Do the fighting/grunting sounds from Juan come out of the surround speakers for you? I get other sounds from the front speakers so I know they are working. Just curious if this is what was intended for the audio. Almost seems backwards to what my brain expects to hear...
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Originally Posted by defdog99 View Post

Decent Indie game.

Decent Indie games end up being PSN+ freebies in 6 months.
Go... Away... Forever!
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Originally Posted by defdog99 View Post

Decent Indie game.

Decent Indie games end up being PSN+ freebies in 6 months.

Do developers get compensated for free titles on PS+? Do they have a choice which games Sony can make free? I'm happy to see Sony pledge support to indie games, nowadays I play these short games more than full titles.
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I'll pick it up once my $10 credit comes in. It looks like that game will be getting a ton of sales since I'm reading that a lot of people will be doing the same thing if they didn't already buy it. It already have 336 ratings on the store of the PS Vita unit while on the PS3, it shows 287. We'll see what happens once people get the credit. It's true that it would be better if Sony would put the actual sales numbers as well. It would definitely be nice to get a live update on how many sales each game is getting.
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Also, reviews so far are pretty high from critics and gamers alike. People like its style as well as game play.

Sony says we should get our PSN credit by 11 PM tonight (PST). I'll be playing this the moment I can order it.
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I've read that and my theory for being that late has everything to do with not wanting too many people on the servers today during the daylight time downloading games. I really hope Sony's acquisition of Gaikai will put an end to that one day.
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It's very unfortunate that Sony decides to give me the credit 2 minutes after the deadline.
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The PS+ sale is active until Tuesday. I got my credit and just bought Guacamelee for the advertised discount.
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got it, playing on vita.... worth every penny.
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Guacamelee is pretty good, but I'm finding it a lot more difficult than Mutant Blobs Attack. I'm at the yule tree level and the cross dimensional platforming requires skill that I'm not sure that I possess. I'm playing it on the Vita, but I think I'm going to have to take advantage of the cross-save feature and try it on the PS3 to see if I have better luck with the dualshock 3. This game looks and controls fantastic (love the artstyle), but I actually like MBA and Rocketbirds a bit better so far.
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Not sure if the face was because of what I just said but I was being a little sarcastic about getting the credit 2 minutes late although in my opinion, it should have been given out at least a few hours earlier.
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I haven't gotten to play this yet, but my daughter says it is "Awesome!"

She's playing the Vita version currently.

How does cross save work? Is there a process that needs to be followed?
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Originally Posted by TornadoTJ View Post

I haven't gotten to play this yet, but my daughter says it is "Awesome!"

She's playing the Vita version currently.

How does cross save work? Is there a process that needs to be followed?

The game option menu allows you to upload and download from the cloud.
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This game was my first platinum and it was worth every minute.
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I finally started this puppy up over the weekend.Guacamelee is amazing! I daresay that its the best action PSN game that I've played so far.

It took me 15 hours to play to the ending credits, which wouldn't have taken me that long but at 85% complete I wanted to find all of the secrets before starting the final battle (you're warned when you get to that point).

This game has it all for a 2D old-school game. The fighting engine is incredibly deep once you've fully powered up. This alone makes it shine brighter for me than classic platformers like Castlevania SotN and Metroid games that developers say this title was inspired by. Some of the optional challenge areas do a fantastic job of testing your fighting skills to where you have no choice but to get better a it.

I love the live-world/dead-world play mechanic that you constantly switch back and forth between. It really adds to the strategy one uses in fights with multiple enemies that exists in one world or the other (you can only hurt the ones whose world you share, but they can always hurt you).

The boss fights are very enjoyable, but are always fair. The deep combat rules have you keep an eye out for their animations, sheild color, and even sound effects at times so you know just how to respond. Even when it gets tough, you know why you died and can improve accordingly. The last boss was beating me down quite a few times, but eventually I was not only able to beat him, but to do so without taking any damage (187-hit combo). I wish there was a trophy for that...

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the platforming goodness in this game. While most of it is easy-peasy for gaming veterans (but a lot of fun), if you are trying to find all of the secrets you will come to areas that will have you scratching your head as you try to figure out what to do.

One puzzle had me mapping out the entire level before I finally figured out how to proceed. Props to the developer for the tricky puzzles that still remain completely fair if you take your time to figure them out.

Also, when (optional) secret item hunting, there are a couple of sections in particular where the platforming is absolutely diabolical. Anyone who has tried to 100% complete this game know where I am talking about - my jumping skills haven't been tested this well in a game in ages, let alone the half-dozen other actions you are expected to perfectly perform as you try to reach your goal. One of these tricky areas even gave me a bit of a scare at one point, but it ended up being one of the funniest part of a game that already has a tremendous amount of good humor throughout.

When the game finally ended I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to play even more.The game is really that good and is HIGHLY recomeended for anyone. The most toughest challengess are all optional, and the generous check points and instant death respawn keepsone from getting too frustrated from the many times youg get killed. I briefly tried the local co-op, and it's a blast as well. I give Guacamelee! a 10/10 rating. Rare gems like this deserve to be purchased and played.


Two last points to mention. One purchase gives you the Vita version as well as PS3 version. It supports Cross-Play, which means that you can enjoy it on one system, upload to the cloud server at any time (takes two seconds), and then dload from the cloud on your other system to play where you left off. I used this feature while the NBA playoffs were running on the main TV, switching back and forth att halftime and between games. Everything worked flawlessly,and I wish all games supported this feature.

Also, Cross-Controller is supported and it turned out to be my preferred way to play on the big screen. With the DS3 controller set to port #2 (then turned off) pick up your Vita, select Remote Play over the local network and voila! Your Vita now controls Guacamelee on the PS3.

There are two perks to this setup. For one, the d-pad on the Sony handheld is perfection as many people know, and secondly the Vita screenis used as a permanent map of the game world. You no longer need to pause as you hunt for clues to the area's secrets - simply look at the Vita and you know what to do. If you haven't tried it yet, give it a go as it adds to an already fun playing experience.
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Joe, if you have info on how to make cross-play work, please pass it on. We've tried everything we can think of to get the data transferred, and nothing. We upload the Vita data to the cloud, but when we go to the PS3, there's no Guacamelee data there.

Cross controller is very cool. Works absolutely great! And with our Nyko power grip, it's comfortable.
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Heh, because of Cross-Controller with Guacamelee, I finally broke down and ordered the Nyko Grip! My hands were getting fatigued holding the Vitta for so long without DS3 handles for support. The unit should be here this week (Amazon is shipping it from Japan).

As for the Cross-Play, I simply went to options, cloud save, and "Uploaded" my game save. That takes three seconds before it is done. I then go to the other device and in the option/cloud menu select 'Download" and it worked. This is for PS3-->Vita and Vita-->PS3 since I went back and forth a few times

I don' t know what to say if it didn't work for you, unless your Vita and PS3 accounts are different.
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They are identical accounts. I'm going to go look again on the PS3 and see if I'm missing something. I just don't see that download option on the PS3.

Ok, based on what you said, I figured it out. I was making it WAY too hard. I thought it required me to upload it to PS+ cloud storage. I didn't realize it was all simply inside the game. Piece of cake.

Note on your Nyko. It takes FOREVER to charge. Make sure you always plug it in when not in use, and leave it plugged in. Other than that, it is great!
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Great news! Multiple DLC projects are in the works, and the team says they are considering making a sequel.

I love this game - today I got the platinum for it, which is only my second one to be honest.
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$3 DLC level and costume pack comes out this week on the PSN store. Definitely day one for me for one of the best games I've played on the PS3... here's a video of the content:

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Holy crap am I amped for this.
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