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camera stabilizing mount for a lip dub

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Hi, I'm a teacher and we are wanting to do a lip dub at our school. WE have done a few in the past, and I have just held the camera....I think it's a bit shaky and am wanting to find something to help with this. If you don't know what a lip dub is, basically it's a music video shot in one shot...

I'm going to be walking fast and tackling some stairs along the way.....i would like to be able to move around with the camera and not have to worry about being too shaky.

We don't have a ton of money to spend on a mount, and I've noticed that they can get quite expensive!! We were looking at a Glidecam hd2000 or the Glide gear 50/50.....

I think an over the shoulder harness would be nice, but that could be too expenisve.....do you guys have thoughts on this?
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There is a new Merlin Steadicam Smoothee for iPhones and GoPro cameras. An informative video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=ekGzOTC3v8k

You can google DIY steadicam and get a lot of ideas like: http://cheesycam.com/15-dollar-diy-steadicam/ I tried to make a similar one and, so far, have not made it work well.

I wanted a "creative" video of walking the dog, from his point of view. I made made a simple flat metal bar that allowed me to mount my camera on the end of a monopod. With the monopod upside down, the camera is right side up at ground level. The dog and I went for a walk and I was amazed at how stabilized the video was.

I took the idea further and experimented with shortening the monopod and trying various place to hold it between two fingers as a "gimble" and it works pretty, well considering I spent nothing. Next I discovered that my editing software will flip the video so that I don't even need the bar to mount it.

Among other things I learned that having anything of length attached to a camcorder that allows you to hold it with both hands spread out slows down a lot of camera wiggle, especially with stabilization turned on.

Good luck with this!

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