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Best home theater setup for under 350?

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Trying to setup a decent system for under 350.. some ideas I have so far are the Onkyo and Yamaha HTIB setups.. However I have heard they are lacking when it comes to listening to music.. The only idea I have so far is to pair the Yamaha RX-V373 with the Polk rm 6750. The polk rm 6750 is listed at 180 on newegg.. But would the sound be better then the Onkyo ht-s3500 or Yamaha 397.. Either way it puts me in the 380-400 range any other ideas? I don't mind buying used if i could pair it with something and get better sound quality.. But i would imagine most people would want receivers with the HDMI.. Well any ideas would be greatly appreciated.. thanks
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If music is important to you I would and have avoid(ed) tiny bundled speakers, such as the ones that come with HTIBs.

Your budget is pretty low to be able to accomplish both a competent music and HT set-up all at once. You will really need either floor standers in the front or decent sized bookshelves and a sub.

I would (and did) start with a nice pair of floor standing speakers or some bookshelves. Check out Accessories4less there is a pair of Boston floor standing in white that is pretty cheap. Then pick up a receiver. I always recommend the Denon 1612. Plenty powerful and has room correction. for $200 at A4less. Then as you can fill in the center and the rears (these can really be any matching set small or large as they only really play back ground music and infrequent surround effects) from any used classifieds or open box at the big box store or some garage sale finds.

Its not as neat and tidy as one box with a bow on it but you will get a better end result.
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I am in a similar boat. I am setting up my basement. Just got a Denon 1613. But I didn't realize that my soundbar will not work with receiver. Now I am debating w the newegg - Polk for $179 or buy something with blu ray & speakers.

I've a onkyo SR 701 in my living room, I could program the remote as universal one. But I denon remote you cannot use it as a universal remote.

Good luck.cool.gif
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