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Choosing a stereo amp

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I'm building my first speaker system and I need to run two 300W subs with four 140W full range speakers. What stereo amp will work with this? Price is a factor, I'm looking for the cheapest option.
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You have passive subs? How do you know they're "300 watt"? If you're looking for bang for the buck on amps try the "pro" amps like QSC, Crown, Behringer, etc.
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how are you going to play content? Do you already have an AVR or pre/pro?

+1 on pro amp for passive subs. AVR for other channels. If you need an amp for the other channels and are not going AVR(which has built in amps) pro, emotiva, outlaw, or ATI.

We need a system description. What's all your gear, or what are you planning on getting/building?
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I'm new to all of this, my friend gave me 2 legacy LWF8X subs, 4 ohm and 300 watt each and 4 BOSS CH3220 speakers. They are meant for a car but I'm planning on making a system for my garage. Not looking for anything special, just a cheap amplifier that will work.
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Car speakers are designed for....a car. They may sound weak in a big room like a garage no matter what amp you use. You might try running this by the guys in the car forum here, maybe the speaker forum, too.

Still need to know what your source for music will be. A power amp does not have a pre-amp built in, which you'll need for your sources to feed a power amp (like cd players, mp3 players, etc). An integrated amp has both a pre-amp and an amp; an avr is a combo of a tuner/pre-amp/amp as well as providing mucho connectivity options (including video which you may or may not need but still the best buys are generally avrs). Most AVRs don't have the kind of power passive subs require, though.
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So say you put an amp on it, then what? how are you going to play tunes.

I knew a fella the ran a car head unit with CD, mp3 jack, and tuner on a car battery with car speakers and a sub in his room. He let the car stereo head unit power the speakers and had an amp for the sub. I suppose he had a battery charger or something???? That was some serious one note bass. He loved it, I never got why he went that route and though it sounded like shwit but hey, we were listening to good tunes which was the main thing.

You need to decide if you want the front end to be car stuff or home audio stuff. That will determine if you need a car amp or a home/pro amp. Not sure how those speakers will do on a home AVR.

It's a nice gift but those subs are 8in and go for 20ish or less. Speakers go for 20ish or less as well so we're not talking high end here. If your dead set on making them make noise. Recommend you find a bare bones used car stereo/cd maybe with an m3 jack for the source and powering the boss's, a used two channel car amp around 300 watts for the subs and maybe pull a battery from the junk yard or something like that. you'd need a way to charge it though. Are those mains even going to play right not mounted? My buddy I mentioned above had his mounted in their own boxes. Too much trouble for 100 bux if you ask me. If I'm going to the junk yard its either a hard to find part or Im saving more then that.

Craigslist and pawn shops may not be a bad place to pick up some of that stuff either.
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