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BIC America Formula FH-65B Bookshelf Speakers & an Onkyo TX-NR616 Receiver. Thoughts?

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I've been seriously considering getting 3 FH-65B's for the left right and center channel speakers in my new HT system, as well as 2 pairs of Sony SS-B1000's for the surrounds and an Onkyo TX-NR616 Receiver.

(Just for background on my setup, it's my bedroom as well as a mini-theater with a 120" AT Projector screen, which these speakers would go behind. When I get around to moving I would put all of this in a more dedicated HT setup.)

Anyone has or has used these?
I'm especially looking for input on the BICs because the specs are impressive, especially for the price ($100/ea on Amazon), but I'm not sure where I could go to listen to them.

Here's some specs and links:

Design: 375-watt 2-way horn bookshelf and/or surround speaker.
Frequency Response: 40Hz - 23kHz
Sensitivity: 96dB @ 1 watt, 1 meter, High efficiency output to 116dB
One 6 1/2" injection-molded woofer with butyl rubber surround, one 6 1/2" mid/high frequency horn w/ neodynium magnet

Magnetic Shielding: YES
Gold-Plated Terminals:YES
Recommended Power: 10-175 watts RMS per channel, 350-watts peak
Impedance: 8 ohms
Dimensions: 17"H x 9"W x 8 1/2"D
Weight: 12 pounds (5.4 kg.) each
Warranty: 5 Years Parts and Labor





Thanks for looking! smile.gif
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I own the BIC Acoustech speakers 2 - PL-89s, 1 - PL-28, and 4 - PL-66s. I think they sound amazing and for the price I don't think you can beat them. The horn loaded tweeter is the same on the Acoustechs as it is on the Formula series speakers and I love how crisp and clear the highs are and how it really makes dialog jump out. It does all this without ever sounding harsh or fatiguing.

Also you may want to check out the BIC speakers on this sight and ask them for there best possible price, you may be surprised what they tell ya.



If your budget and space allow for it you may wanna look at 3 towers across the front or 3 of the LCR's across the front and also matching surrounds, cuz I can tell you the sonys will not pair well with the horns of the BICs unless you don't care about the surrounds that much.
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Thanks Flick, that's some really helpful and encouraging info.

I appreciate it!
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Like you, I bought those three speakers last month to try out as LCR since spec looks impressive. I was disappointed and returned them as my Polk Monitor 40 sounds better, much louder and has more bass. Thanks Amazon for easy free return. They are NOT 96db speakers. Try them out and hear for yourself. You can always return them.
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tvuong... I am sorry you feel that way about the BIC's. There is no perfect company and I believe you just got lemons. Cuz I have heard the Polk Monitor Towers and IMO they don't even come close to the Acoustech towers I have. But as long as you are happy with what you have now that's all that matters.

I know when I had 87db speakers Audyssey would set my trim levels anywhere from +2db to +6db, BUT with the Acoustechs Audyssey sets my trim levels between -6db and -2db. So in my situation I do believe that they are very efficient and in the mid to upper 90db range. Audyssey also had my -3db point (so where it set the xovers) on my towers to 40hz, center to 60hz, and surrounds to 50hz. But of course that's not how I have them, I have them all at 80hz (THX) crossover.
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