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How do I replace my TWC DVR with a Tivo?

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I'm currently working on cutting my TWC service. So far I managed to get an OTA digital antenna & wireless A/B switch. Both work good for my current setup.

Room #1: TWC Digital Cable DVR & Cable Internet (analog tv)

Room #2: TWC connected via outlet (analog tv)

Room #3: TWC connected via outlet & OTA digital antenna (HDTV with PC connection)

My TWC plan is basic / standard / digital on a Digital Cable DVR. The tvs in Room #1 & Room #2 are going to be replaced with
Internet enabled HDTVs.

I was originally planning on dropping my TWC cable service completely, and keeping just the Cable Internet. But there are some standard cable channels that I really like to keep. So that leaves me down to Basic / Standard TWC & Cable Internet. I don't mind losing
those hundreds on digital cable channels I barely watch. What hurts is being without the DVR. Yeah it's a PITA most of the times. But it
makes watching different tv shows a lot easier.

If / when I lose my TWC DVR would a TIVO work for me? Would it be a good DVR for me? I've heard about them for several years, but never used one before. I don't know anyone that has one to check it out either. How do they work? Do they run on one or multiple tvs? How much do they cost? Are they one time payment or subscription based? Do I need anything from TWC to make it work?

Possible future setup:

Room #1: TWC basic / standard cable (connected via outlet) & TiVo DVR (Internet enabled HDTV) & Cable Internet

Room #2: TWC basic / standard cable (connected via outlet) (Internet enabled HDTV)

Room #3: TWC basic / standard cable (connected via outlet) & OTA digital antenna (HDTV with PC connection)

Thx for the help. smile.gif
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For basic information, here is the TiVo thread.

There is also the TiVo website.
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Well that's a start. smile.gif

From the thread you linked to:
Recording capacity on the standard Premiere is 46 HD hours, while the XL offers
156 HD hours. Both models officially support a 1TB external drive to add another
144 HD hours. DVRUpgrade.com and Weaknees.com also offer pre-upgraded TiVo Premiere
DVRs with 317 HD hours. There are no quality settings to vary record capacity on
digital channels; all digital content is saved to the hard drive as is, bit-for-bit
identical to the original broadcast. Quality on live and recorded HDTV is identical.

Which model would work for me? Premiere or Premire XL?
Currently I record my favorite shows a week at a time. I mostly record them to watch later if my viewing time is interrupted. But often it's because I have multiple shows that are on at the same time. Once I watch the shows, I delete them.

For digital cable, one CableCard (M-CARD) from the cable company is required
to support both tuners. A CableCard is a form of access card; it plugs into
the CableCard slot and authorizes subscribed channels.

I plan to get rid of the TWC Digital DVR box, and reduce my service to Cable Internet & Basic / Standard Cable. Would I still be considered getting Digital Cable? Do I still need this CableCard? If so, how much does it cost? Do I buy it, rent it?

One of the following subscriptions is required for the first TiVo: $12.99/mo,
$129/yr, $299/3yrs, or a one-time payment of $399 to eliminate all future fees.
Each box after the first requires a subscription of $9.99/mo, $99/yr, or a
one-time payment of $299. Existing customers with a lifetime subscription can
add lifetime to the Premiere at a 50% discount ($199) without affecting the service
on the other DVR.

TiVo.com and Best Buy offer a 30-day return policy. TiVo includes a 7-day trial
without activation, and all TiVo subscriptions are fully refundable within the first
30 days. The standard warranty is one-year on parts and 90-days labor, but TiVo
offers two-year and three-year extended warranties for $30 and $40, respectively.
There is a $150 charge for out-of-warranty repairs and replacements.

So how does the purchase of the TiVo go? How much does the actual box cost?
Do I need to buy a subscription? How much much does it cost, and how long is it good for?

What do I really need to pay to buy a TiVo and get it up and running?

What features are missing from the TiVo Premiere?

Though the Premiere hardware offers plenty of untapped potential, it still lacks
some key features commonly requested by users:

No third tuner. It still has two tuners like the TiVo Series3.

No built-in wireless networking or phone connection. If the customer doesn't
have access to an ethernet connection at their TV, they can't use the Premiere
until they buy the TiVo wireless adapter or TiVo phone adapter.

No multi-room viewing with copy protected content. TiVo's multi-room implementation
still relies on copies, which aren't permitted on protected content. Streaming with
DTCP-IP is required to support multi-room viewing with the protected cable content on
most Brighthouse, Cox, and TWC systems.

No 60-90 minute buffer per tuner as on the latest satellite and cable DVRs. It
still has a 30 minute buffer per tuner.

No support for any external drives but the My DVR Expander. A growing number of
cable and satellite DVRs allow the use of any external drive.

No tru2way support. The Premiere is still a unidirectional CableCard device, which
means it can't support SDV without a tuning adapter, and it can't support the cable
company's On Demand unless the operator updates their system to accept communication
over the network connection.

Please explain these features it does/doesn't have.

How do I hook up the TiVo? Wired or Wireless internet needed? Extra recording storage (internal / external)?

Sorry for all the questions, but the TiVo is new to me. The TiVo helps a little, but it assumes everyone is somewhat a tv expert.

Thx, smile.gif
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The TiVo website I linked to will give you current models for sale and current pricing models. Most people pay the upfront cost to buy lifetime service and avoid any monthly cost. If you are using cable, you will need a cable card for the TiVo. That is obtained from your cable co and ranges from free to a couple dollars per month. You need to consult your vendor for that.

The TiVo thread I linked to will give you lots of help. Go there and read the last couple hundred posts or so. There have been a lot of new TiVo users recently who have migrated from the Sony DHG DVR. They have been asking a lot of the same questions.
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Originally Posted by Kelson View Post

If you are using cable, you will need a cable card for the TiVo. That is obtained from your cable co and ranges from free to a couple dollars per month. You need to consult your vendor for that.

According to what I've read here, on TiVos site, and on a TiVo box: A CableCARD is needed to receive "Digital Cable".

I will be getting Basic / Standard Cable from TWC. Plus OTA. Do I really need the CableCARD?
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Ask your questions in the TiVo thread and you will get answers from people who have the same cable co as you.
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