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TV Playback from cloud

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I currently have the unlimited pogoplug cloud service and keep my movie collection backed up in the cloud because of harddrive failure (I have had three in two years). I am looking for a device to playback from the pogoplug cloud not the local wifi pogoplug. I have an Xbox and PS3 but I do not beleive these are capable of performing this task. If they are please provide directions to get this to work. I may need to purchase a set top box i.e. WD Live TV, Boxee, Apple TV, or Roku etc. My television is not a "Smart" TV. I am unfamiliar with the set top boxes but which would be best to perform this task to watch my movie collection from the cloud on the TV?

Please Help
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For those of you that are interested in this solution, I have been in communication with Pogoplug support and initially there are no devices that support direct playback from the cloud. However I have devised a plan to get it to work and Pogoplug support confirmed the plans feasibility. Using an IOS device i.e. ipad/iphone to play directly from the cloud and using airplay to play on an apple tv. This is the only viabnle solution that I see at the moment.


Thank you for your intrest.
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