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Denon 4520ci remote control RC-1165

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Is anyone having issues with this remote?
My remotes light turns on from the slightest vibration i.e placing a cup on the table.
The remote was fully programmed but when the batteries died all programming was deleted.
After installing new batteries and trying to program the remote it will not do anything.
As an example when i try to program the Cab/Sat button to operate my Cisco PVR all is going well until i try to input the 5 digit code at which point the display switches to AVR and the remote exits programming mode. I tried to reset the remote to no avail even tried inputting the AVR code but nothing works.
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If you are following the directions on p. 157 in the Owner's manual, then try the reset procedure listed on p. 164. Also note there is a dedicated thread just for Denon 4520CI Owner's for more helpful information as well.

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Thanks I thought I was posting to the 4520ci forum anyway I have tried exactly what the manual says but the remote just won't do what it's supposed to. I have removed the batteries in hopes the memory is not static and will be erased. It's the second remote as the original was D.O.A I purchased it from Bay Bloor Radio who confirmed the original was "dead". The replacement worked fine until the batteries died (as a result of the backlight constantly turning on) now it just won't let me program device buttons however the Macros programmed without issue using Auto Macro. I have several URC remotes but don't want the kids using those. This unit replaced my Pioneer SC 07 and I really like it but need the remote to function properly because I paid for it. Thanks again BTW this is my first time posting anything online so please excuse my ignorance as to site navigation. Neil
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