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Panasonic PT-AE7000U or the Benq W7000

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Hey guys need some insight on these two projectors, this will be my first projector purchase, is there a big differance between LCD and DLP?? is one really better than the other?? I have a light controlled room so there is no problem there, my from wall is a dark color while my walls are a few shades lighter. I have a Panasonic TC-P55GT30 plasma that I am using and the projector screen will come down in front of it when we want to watch a movie. I have a ELITE MAX-WHITE 92" screen that iam hoping will work for either of these two projectors. One big question I have is since I own a Panasonic plasma 3D tv will I be able to use my glasses with the Panasonic projector or will still need to purchase new glasses,the glasses are IR emitted just like the projector glasses. I have read really great reviews on both projectors. I am a Panasonic guy so obviously I am leaning towards that but if the Benq is better I will make the leap. Any help with these two projectors would be great. Opinions on either if you have or had either and your pros and cons for each.

Thanks in advance
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Hi Jason,

My situation is very similar to your own - I currently have a Panasonic TC-P50GT25 plasma, but also had an older non-HD DLP projector that my wife and I enjoyed simply for the big-screen, movie-theater experience. My selection process for a replacement also came down to either the Panasonic AE7000 or BenQ W7000.

If you haven't already, you should definitely see if you would be bothered by the rainbow effect associated with DLP color wheels. I never had a problem with our old projector's 4x color wheel, so this wasn't a concern with regards to getting the BenQ. I do not have experience with LCD-based projectors, but poor convergence seems to be one of the more common problems, with negative repercussions for 3D viewing.

I ended up getting the W7000 (which is currently about $300 cheaper than the AE7000 right now). It does mean I'd have to invest in more 3D glasses, but the prices seem to drop with those pretty quickly.


P.S. I have the W7000 hitting a 120-inch screen at the house right now, and I'm quite amazed by the picture quality. It'll be very hard to go back to using the 50-inch Plasma.
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Thanks for the info, I really don't think I would be bothered by the rainbow effect but also I really have never seen it. Both of these units are 2 years old I believe so iam wondering if I should just a newer model than either of these but really we watch tv way more than movies, we pretty much movies on Friday nights or Saturday nights and that's pretty much it, iam wondering if there is a better projector than these two that would fit me better something like the Benq W1070. We have a lot of 3D movies so I want something that will do good on the 3D viewing. My Panasonic plasma is pro calibrated and is amazing so I really don't want to be dissipointed with the projector I choose. I know that is probably asking for a lot as this is my first venture in projector world.
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I chose the W7000 over the W1070 because my research suggested that it was better with movies - we hardly ever watch TV at the house, and even then, it'd probably be on one of the flat panels. It also seems that the Panasonics are not as good at projecting 3D as some other comparable projectors, though there may have been some improvement with the AE8000.

The W1070 is cheap enough such that you can get it to tide you over for now, and then upgrade to a 4K 3D projector in a few years. smile.gif
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