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Optoma HD70 -- replaced color wheel -- have question

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Disassembled and thoroughly cleaned the thing with den alcohol and canned air.

Working great but was wondering --

Why not just leave that big gray paper housing OFF the color wheel and just open it up every few months and spray with air?

Seems the projector is running a lot cooler that way and actually seems to be that housing could "trap" dust particles. ? In fact, very likely to trap them.
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If it's what's I'm picturing in my feebled brain, it acts a shield for the color wheel, both from anything inside as well as some measure of containment should the wheel come apart and start slinging glass shards. Other that that, I can think of no reason you can't remove it.
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yeah, that's it -- in fact the more that I look at this thing (my first look inside) -- I think I'll leave the back plastic panel off for better air flow.

you could easily put the guts inside a bigger box and my guess is it would last a lifetime.

been in electronics all my life and it's heat that kills. well built unit I must say.

color wheel spins fine -- I'm thinking 9 times out of 10 they get dirty -- and what the heck would make the color wheel shatter? heat probably if a fan goes bad perhaps.
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As an FYI, having the covers off may help your airflow and temperatures, or may make it worse.

I have a Christie (this is a pro model, not consumer) that I use for events-- getting it to run long enough without the covers to do optical adjustments (something required fairly frequently since it bumps around in the back of a truck on the way to events) is a challenge. It overheats in 5-10 minutes and shuts down to protect itself. I have others that would happily run all day without any of the plastics.

Do realize if you do this you will be getting greater amounts of dust into the optics and electronics, so be sure to get the dust out of everywhere periodically. Dust in power supplies and such trap heat and cause problems.
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I just took apart my projector to discover the main large fan is dead. Put it back together and that little black carboard box was SLIGHTLY misalign.

CRACK + SHATTER!! The color wheel knicked it and exploded.

85$ mistake, but it's still worth it to replace the wheel (Have a brand new lamp) and use the projector as a bedroom tv for another few years.
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