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Edited by dragon666 - 5/19/13 at 7:49am
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Hi, dont mean to thread jack you/ just wonted to post some pictures of my B741's i gor from pbn. I made a pair of sealed subwoofers to accompany them and the sound amazing together. The Subs are 32w4578t00 with dayton 2 cubic foot cabinets, and the 1000watt dayton amplifiers. I Added a top to bottem brace and dynomatted them. I also build a wood enclosure for the amp instead of the flimsy plastic ones they came with. The one thing i didnt like was the front baffle only has 4 bolts so i peminatly affixed them with glue and additional brackets from the back. I really like the B741 speakers they are very detailed but not harsh, very open sound stage, very life like especially with good quality vocal recordings. I was considering building them myself and i wrote peter a few email inquires for details and ended up just buying them from him. Im glad i did as i dont think my finish would have been as nice as yours. Im very impressed with the effort you put into them and how nice they came out.
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Exoplasm, that's awesome. Glad to know that another b741 owner shares my sentiments regarding the sound character. How does the extra sub sound. At the moment, I feel that I have enough bass
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The subs fill in the bottom end very nicely I used my Dayton OmniMic V2 to integrate them wich was easy to do with the built in parametric eq on the plate amps. I Prefer the subs a little hot (2 DB). These new scanspeak subs sound amazing especially sealed and still play very low as they have a 18hz FS. The most accurate bass i could have imagined. Also the fact that I have to two leads to less distortion and more headroom. Also a 3 db efficency gain. Also Ive heard using mutiple subs by the mains evens out the bass responce in the room. My room is less than ideal right now but everything still sounds great. Cheers I hope you enjoy your as much as i like mine.
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I have used illuminators before as the mids in my home theater center channel along vifa woofers and the hds tweeter. After I heard them i knew what this design had to offer. Quite the leap of faith to spend that much on a speaker you've never heard but in the end I think it was worth it. I also contemplating building a center channel out of this design with the same slope of baffle and the woofer pushed forward to keep the same offsetts but i keep wondering how different the baffle step would change the sound. Although where you put the center channel would make more of a difference i suppose. I would like to keep the same voicing(Phase repsonce) for optimal integration with the mains. Any input would be appreciated.
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Hey there Pioneertop, Has you amp come in yet?
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Originally Posted by dragon666 View Post

Hey there Pioneertop, Has you amp come in yet?
lol..still waiting ..thanks for asking ..as soon as i get the amp i'll post ..... dragon--- do you have a record player?/turntable
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Yeah, got one of those Marantz ones (made by ClearAudio).
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Dear Dragon666, I really admire your work you did on B741. I have been keeping my eyes on this kit from Madisound for almost two years. I had a lot of conversations with Adam at Madisound, actually I have to be credited for the construction pictures posted on their site. I asked Adam if he could dig out few constractions details after we looked through original plans posted and he was able to dig that treasury out from somewhere. I'm curios where did you get construction details when you built yours and how you determined staffing and material for it to be used. This part I did not discuss with Adam yet. There are two reasons I have not built speakers yet, I'm finishing renovating my house and the second was that I was hesitant to built it because I was not sure if they will produce tight and deep Bass from 7" woofers. I read a review found on Web regarding these speakers and it was very favorable, but I have never spoken with some who actually built them. What is your experience with the overall sound quality? Would you considere the $3,500 paid for the kit worth of building them? I would appreciate it if you could share you experience with me.


Thank you





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Hi Slav, regarding the build, I did everything according to the one page of drawings that came with the kit. Bought MDF from my local hardware store and basically figured out the rest. I was lucky with no major stuff ups. Everything was cut up according to the template. Planning is the key. There are many ways to acheive the same result. My post here is just what I did. You are welcome to repeat these steps or find another way. I believe that the end result will sound the same.

Regarding the sound, there is enough base. But you need a very good power amp to get the most of these speakers. In my mind these speakers are flawless. Are they worth $3500? Definitely. If I needed another pair of these speakers I would drop another $3500 again without thinking.

Im thinking of getting the NAD M2 to drive these speakers.
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Dear Dragon666, thank you very much for getting back to me. I really admire your engineering skills, both of us, Adam from Madisound and myself were not able to figure out that midrange compartment should be divided by angled braces, there is no way to see it on the drawing posted on the Madisound or Scanspeak sites, unless we just missed this somehow. Would you please let me know how you determined amount of stuffing and what material you used. Adam was not able to get me this information. This is might be the last piece of information I need before I proceed with construction. Did you consider building Ekta Grande by the way, it looks like a clone of B471 except of the Tweeter used: http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/ektagrande.htm.

Couple more questions, did you buy crossovers from Madisound or built them by yourself and would you consider using Baltic Burch plywood instead of MDF?

Again, thank you very much for your help on this.





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Hi Slav,

Re midrange, I followed the instruction sheet from Madisound. Also emailed/telephoned Peter Norbaek and got confirmation. He was helpful.

Stuffing, I rang Peter Norbaek and he told me to stuff the hell out of the boxes. Egg foam and the rest wool/dacron. See my photos.

Bought crossovers from madisound. They are fiddly to install. I bit of a jigsaw puzzle to get around the driver and ports.

Got a great sounding result. Just do it.

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I would love to build the B741s. Im sure this has already been thought of. For a finish what about using arborite type material.....or does everyone think this would be a lame a$$ idea.
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Great job, I was looking at this kit myself. Glad to see such great reviews. With these drivers I don't think you can go wrong. This is pretty much the cream of the crop right here. Congrats!
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Thanks for the feedback. Speakers now a year old and warming up nicely. The room dimensions do play a big part in their sound.
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