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WHS 2011 or Dune HD Smart H1 Downgrading Bluray Streams

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Hello Everybody,
I hope someone can help me with this issue.
A little background first.
I built a FreeNAS server with some spare parts I had and new WD red drives.
I ripped a number of my dvd's and blu rays to the server and soon found out that my WD Live TV Plus only output 2 channel stereo.
So I upgraded to a Dune HD Smart H1 outputting to a Optoma EP1691 projector and all was well with streaming dvd's and blu rays.
I soon found that I did not like the workings and interface of a FreeNAS system so I stripped my server down and rebuilt it with WHS 2011.
I have no raid array, just a bunch of drives at this time.
So I transferred my files back onto the new server and all seemed good until I tried to stream a BD iso and noticed that at the Dune menu screen it shows the output at 1080p 23.97hz which is what it should be but when I select a BD iso it changes to 480P for play back.mad.gif I tried mkv's and they played fine. It appears that either WHS 2011 or the Dune player(although I don't think so) are down grading the video.
I have gone into WHS 2011 settings as best as I can to try and figure this out but have not found anything yet.
I am hoping somebody here might know what is causing this issue.
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Hi Airwrench,

Sorry, I can't say what the problem is, but I can say what it isn't - it's not WHS 2011.

The Dune accesses the ISO using file requests, either through SMB or NFS, and Windows Home Server doesn't know what the file type is. It can't downgrade the video, because it doesn't even know that the data is video. For all WHS knows, the Dune could be accessing a spreadsheet.

The HDMI output is controlled by the Dune. It is the Dune that is deciding to down-sample to 480p. But that decision is based both on the configuration you selected (unlikely in this case, as the menu is in 1080p), and the EDID data received from the display device. It is not unusual for EDID data to cause this sort of problem.

Do you have any other displays that you can test with? Like an LCD TV? Also, does every BD ISO have the problem? Or could it be related to frame rate or video format? For example, might the projector have a problem with VC1 video but be fine with H.264 video? These are the types of EDID problems that could cause the Dune to down-sample.

Now, why the problem would surface when you switched from FreeNas to WHS is the real puzzle.
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I'll second that. WHS isn't the issue. The Dune player pulls files off it like it would a thumb drive plugged right into it. Which is actually a good idea I guess. Try putting the same file on a thumb drive and plugging it directly into the Dune. At least you rule out the server for yourself that way.

I'll bet it's just a setting buried in the Dune player somewhere.
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+1 with Mark. Can't be the WHS, it's just streaming 0 and 1 nothing more. Could be a HDMI CEC problem between your dune and the Optoma or something wrong in the video setup of the dune. Check the setup, you should have video mode set to 1080p60, autoframerate to 24/50/60, and personally I always turn the HDMI CEC to OFF because it's a nightmare when you use an Harmony Remote.
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Thanks everyone,
I will try your suggestions and more later and let you know.
As for the HDMI CEC I know that is off.
As for the resolution I know that it is set to 1080P 23.97hz. I will change that back and see if that doesn't fix this.
I will also try moving the file to a thumb drive to rule out WHS 2011.
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if you want the autoframerate to work correctly you NEED to have video set to 1080p50 or 60 AND autoframerate to 24/50/60, or the autoframerate won't work.
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Resetting the resolution to 1080p 60hz with auto frame rate at 60/50/24 did the trick.
It appears to be working correctly. But I do notice the projector changing to 480p when it loses the signal from the Dune as the Dune is acquiring the file and then changes back to the higher resolution once the movie starts.
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