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Help picking a media player to replace my PS3

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I need some help from anyone that has some knowledge of the media players out there and after spending a few hours on these forums I know you guys know whats going on.
I don't have a 3D TV and all i want to do is play my movies that PS3 doesn't want to play from my home network. I looked at MED600X3D, MED1000X3D, KDLINKS HD700, Micca EP600 etc
I would spend up to $250 if it means no headaches and I could send photos and movies from iphone or laptop to the player as a central media player. I guess i want it all.
I heard Mede8er offers software updates and good customer service so that is definitely a plus.

thanks in advance
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Most newer blu ray players will stream video/audio and lots of newer AVRs will stream from your phone.
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Newer BD players also have Cinavia DRM on them like the PS3 if you have encountered that were it kills the audio track.

WDTV Live is what your looking for, cheap and reliable. It's also a basic DLNA renderer so you can use any of the DLNA controllers on the app store to control playback from a DLNA server, I'd recommend Serviio on your laptop as DLNA server.
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Thanks for your help. The c word is a huge headache for me and the main reason for buying something new. I almost bought WD but then started looking online and that opened the floodgates of options and more things to learn about.
I'll read up on dlna. Thanks so much!!
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If you only want to play your rip content and do not care about 3D or online streaming such as Netflix, Hulu ect. The ones to look at are the Dune and Mede8er. If you want to take a chance and try PCH (popcorn hour) then you can, but I don't recommend them anymore.

Mede8er is a good media player, and they've got good online customer service and a good forum. The only thing I don't like is their jukebox. They do not have a fully supported jukebox. You need to use YAMJ to Mede8er for movies, and another program for TV Shows. I am hoping in the near future this will change.

I currently own two Dune media players. Dune Smart Series D1, and Dune TV303D, which I just got it yesterday. I was having some audio drops issues with the TV303D, but I later found that I didn't update to the newest B5 firmware. After updating the firmware the audio drop issues went away. I use Zappiti as my jukebox, which is easy and simple to use for me. I've heard of several people having difficulty setting it up.

However, you can't go wrong wither either media player. If you want something more inexpensive that has Netflix and Hulu, the WDTV would be an option.
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I actually just broke down and bought a WDtV last night at best buy. I have some issues playing a few files but I didn't have time to look at the format yet. Searching through the files is cumbersome compared to ps3 media server and I'm still tryin to see my external hd that's plugged into my router. I will try it out and if it doesn't play my movies better than ps3 I might go with the med8der. I download all tv shows and movies because I never learned about streaming free content as far as tv episodes etc.

I appreciate the replys and I'll update the thread if I get rid of the wdtv.
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network servers = file browsing same as PC browsing network
media servers = DLNA browsing same as PS3

If your router has no DLNA server then you must go through the network servers section to see the contents of the external HDD thats plugged into it.

If your not happy with Serviio try Mezzmo or Plex as alternative DLNA servers. There's also something called universal media server which is supposedly done by people who worked on PS3 media server but I've never seen it ever recommended.
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Alx thanks for the quick info. I never sat down to research how everything communicates and it catches up to me everytime i want to do something like this. I just looked up Serviio and will try it out tonight. I have a netgear 3400 and it looks like i just have to check off a setting in the setup and it will work as a DLNA server.
thanks again!
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The WDR3400 works great as a DLNA server for an external HD and Serviio also works wonders to make using WDTV easy. Thanks to all for their help.
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