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Best R/C for Closed Cabinet Setups

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Just bought a house and now I have to setup everything to work inside the built-in cabinets. I've got the master bedroom and living room on the same wall which both have built-ins. Current setup is as follows:

Receiver: Denon AVR-2809CI
TV: Sharp Aquos 60" LED 240HZ
STB: Verizon FiOS QIP6416-2

TV: Samsung 40" LCD
STB: Verizon FiOS QIP7100-2

I need a R/C for each room that will work with these devices and function independently (not conflict with each other). What do you suggest? I've looked at Harmony series remotes with RF built-in (Harmony 900 and 1100) as well at the Next Gen Flying Saucer RF setup, but not sure what to do, so figured I'd ask the experts. Thanks!
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Sorry I don't know much about harmony remotes. However what I do know about is controlling IR systems inside a cabinet. This may help solve part of your problem.

Basically an IR distribution amp will help, a kit such as this http://www.keene.co.uk/electronic/keene-electronics/keene-ir-distribution-extender-kit-%28fascia-rcvr%29/irbkitf.html in which consists of the main amp, which would also be in the cabinet, emitters in front of the source device in the cabinet and a receiver out side to point your remote at.
Having something like this means you wouldn't have to spend a huge amount on a multi control learning remote, as it wouldn't itself have to be capable of passing through a closed cabinet.

With this unit you would only need one amp for both rooms and have full control of all your source devices, as you can have multiple emitters and receivers, and can both be extended over long distances including running over CAT5 for extremely long distances.

You also have the choice between different styles of receivers, i.e. fascia mounted/panel mounted or simply sat on top of a cabinet. There are also a wide variety of emitters, i.e.mounted directly onto the devices, sat on a self in front and can also be plugged directly into the source device.

Hope this helps
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My opinion if you are going to put all your stuff closed and out of the way... go with a full blown RF solution rather then IR repeater system. Not only can you hide your stuff out of the way but also you don't have to "point" the remote anywhere in particular since RF is not beam tech.
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While RF solutions are great, for simple cabinet installations, you can't beat the price of:

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