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Upgrading Z3 options

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I am looking to upgrade my old Sanyo Z3 (720p) projector to a new 1080p one and I am trying to keep the budged relatively low without sacrificing too much in terms of quality.

The projector will be ceiling mounted with throw distance about 3 meters (a bit less than 10 feet). I want a projector that can do this without keystone correction and can produce a bright enough image for a 92" screen.

The light in the room is quite controlled, but the walls and ceiling are a light color. My main issue with the Z3 was the contrast, as in some dark scenes of some movies it was quite hard to see the action. So I am hoping for something much improved in this respect with the new pj.

I am mostly interested in 2D, but having 3D option available would be a bonus.

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You didn't mention a budget, but you can look at, http://www.avsforum.com/t/1391476/coderguys-top-projector-picks for some good starting picks.
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Budget is under 1300.
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B-Stock JVC HD250 is right at the top of your budget, and it will easily run away with best image in this price range for movies, and it is worth every penny. AV Science store only gets a few in here and there, so give them a call fast because I have been recommending these to a LOT of people. Call: 585-671-2968

It comes with 90-day lamp warranty and 2-year MFR warranty just like a NEW one, and has fully motorized controls, and the black levels and contrast are FAR FAR greater than any other projector under $2000. The only thing close to having as much contrast are Epson 5010's for around $2k, but the Epson only matches it with an IRIS. If you get a well-converged sample, it also tends to be one of the sharpest projectors under $3000, sharper than most DLP's!
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I got a b stock vw60 and it's ran great. 1300 for a 250, nice!
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The JVC Coder mentioned, sounds like a nice deal, only thing I didn't care for when looking at those, was the lamp life at, 2000/3000 hrs, low vs high mode. New lamps for those tend to be a little pricey, so keep that in mind.
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