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Need help in finding the right camcorder for my needs

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Hey everyone I was hoping to get some advice on finding a good camcorder for what I would like. I've been looking at the hero 3 black edition as it seems to do what I want but I don't really know anything about camcorders which is why I'm here.

Basically i'm looking for something thats going to give me great video quality in indoor and outdoor settings and I would also really like to be able to take nice slow motion video.

I own reptiles so my main reason for wanting on is to be able to take nice videos of them as well as nice slow motion feeding videos.

This summer my fiancee and I plan on doing lots of hiking and adventuring so this is why I would also like something good for outdoors.

The Hero 3 Black seems to fit my needs and 400$ is my rough budget. Any tips and help are greatly appreciated!

Also forgot to mention that I really like the mounting ability as I would like to be able to use it to take hands free videos.

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Welcome to the forum!

It is going to be hard to be of much help because you have already picked out what you want. Few will disagree. You probably not get many replies.

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The GoPro is not very good for indoor video or for video in general compared to standard camcorders. It has good slo-motion, is rugged, and is mountable. But no zoom, poor stabilization, and poor low-light performance and really bad (mono) sound. Few manual adjustments. It is a gimmick camera.

Some better Panasonic cameras and camcorders can do 720 HD video at 120 fps (same as the best the GoPro can do in HD), Or, you can get any really good camcorder that shoots at 108060p (the Panasonics do this too) and slow the video down in an editor to get slo-mo.

Here is a short video taken with a Panasonic camera video that has a slo-mo part (taken at 720p 120 fps):

Select 720p. The silent part is the slo-mo.

A rugged, pocketable, waterproof and mountable camcorder that will produce better video in low and bright light than the GoPro is the Sony HDR GW77. It does not have slo-mo built-in but shoots at 108060p. It has a great lcd and a 10X zoom lens and better audio.

A waterproof, shockproof pocketable Panasonic camera that shoots 108060p is the new Panasonic TS5. It has a zoom, stereo sound, and optical stabilization. Not as good as the above in dim light, but probably as good as the GoPro. And wifi remote built-in with remote viewing - better than GoPro (plus GPS, altimeter, barometer, compass and built-in maps). It also does time-lapse, just like the GoPro, but better pictures from the time-lapse by far.

The pocketable Panasonic ZS30 has a 20X zoom, and does 108060p and slo-mo 720p at 120 fps, with WiFi remote control. Again, not as good as the Sony above in dim light, and no waterproof, etc. But, GPS and maps.

You need to do more research!
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Thank you both for your replies.

Mark I haven't done any research which is why i came here, I know nothing of camcorders and to look at specs and reviews really makes no sense to me at this point as far as being able to tell capabilities.

I will look into the ones you have listed and thank you for taking the time to write all that up for me.

Lovely video as well.

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