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PS3 media server problems

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trying to set up streaming from win 7 to Sony HX929-55 and I get pixelation on avi and xvid although thumbnails show up clear and I get freezes on hd content. I had this set up originally and it worked great. then it started to mess up I tried updating and that did not help . I tried removing program and reinstalling with no improvement. Using version 1.89 I can choose sony HX renderer as default if none found but it shows EX renderer and WMP as found even though it is an HX tv.I have AVi-synth and Vlan engines up and working
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Use Serviio (free), Mezzmo (commercial) or TVMobili (commercial) all are much better DLNA servers than PS3 media server and are designed for use with many DLNA devices.
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I tried serviio and it shows the folders but says there is nothing in them and it breaks up the video ts folders that show up into individual files and only plays the one tiny file at a time. This looks like it should be easy but I can't figure out what it really wants. Some of the music plays from my I-Tunes but some says the same as the video that the folder is there but nothing inside of it.. Any help would be appreciated and Thank you for responding smile.gif
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VIDEO_TS is not compatible with DLNA, that is a disc not a video file like mpg, mp4, mkv which is what DLNA works with.

Use MakeMKV or VOB2MPG on your VIDEO_TS or DVDs to extract the video a standalone video file in mkv or mpg containers (no video conversion), vob2mpg would be better for Sony TV.

Also have a read of the Serviio getting started guide.
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