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What are the best Camcorders (or camers) for live streaming

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I am going to be starting a live video streaming project in the fall for 1 year in which I will be creating a large body of art work. I am going to be raising money for this project so I I am setting my budget for approximately $500.00 for each camera. There will be a minimum of 3 cameras, 2 in my studio and 1 in my main room. I, of course want this to be somewhat high definition but it is not a complete necessity since the main focus is more on the process of creating the work, rather then the details of the work.

Also I have a brain injury disability, so researching for me is very, very difficult and too much time spent doing research on a computer (on top of running my online art business) is next to impossible, so very direct answers are very greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to some great answers!


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Could the easy way be to adapt a security camera kit?
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I am not sure what you mean?

Any suggestions on what the best camcorders or digital cameras for live streaming as described above, with a budget of $500.00 each.


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You are in luck. Consumer camcorders that are pretty good feature live streaming, with the Ustream service. Here are two to check out - The Panasonic V720 and V520. Here is a link to the Panasonic web page that has links to the specs for both camcorders to check out (you may be able to get better prices than the ones listed, but the max is $549):


These are good camcorders. The key is whether the Ustream service does what you ne to do.
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Thanks for the info. I will look in to them. Do you know if these are mountable on to a wall with some kind of bracket.

What you mentioned as far as the Ustream service doing what I need it to do, could you explain that a little further.

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Go to the Ustream web site and see what the Ustream service provides. Each camera has a standard tripod screw hole; there are many brackets made that would make use of it.

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The Panasonic models that Mark recommends are great camcorders, but if you buy them for this purpose, you will be buying a lot of capabilities (e.g., zoom lenses, video recording hardware and software) that you will not be using.

If you don't mind streaming at 720p resolution, a purpose built streaming camera such as the $199 Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam could be a more efficient and less expensive solution.

This camera is tripod or wall mountable.

You can broadcast from the Logitech directly to UStream without a computer - or you can manage the UStream Broadcaster app through a Mac, iPad or iPhone, as shown here.

Hope this is helpful, and good luck with your project,

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