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Sony ht-ct 260 connection

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I am no expert in electronics, technology what so ever so I thought I would just ask a quick question about a soundbar I recently purchased. I bought a Sony ht-ct 260 for my tv and I hooked the soundbar to my cable box via coax and my ps3 via optical, there's no hdmi but anyway, the soundbar has Dolby digital pro logic 2, I changed the audio digital output on my cable box to two channel only and not Dolby digital, I do get a louder sound with the 2 channel then Dolby digital but I was just wondering, will the soundbar do all that pro logic stuff when I put it 2 channel on my cable box compared if I did it Dolby digital on my cable box, like I said, I am getting a louder sound 2 channel then Dolby digital, I don't know how all that stuff works, so if someone can please help me on that, I would greatly appreciate it, thank you
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I would expect the soundbar to sound better when you send it the Dolby signal rather than stereo. The fact that the stereo sounds louder to you suggests the soundbar is applying different sound processing to the two types of signals. Listen to whichever you prefer.
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As a beginner, I had to train myself to understand that louder wasn't necessarily better. Often times, stereo sounds louder. I would just set it to Dolby and turn the volume up.biggrin.gif
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i believe the lower sound is where it is trying to emulate surround sound vs the stereo is just pushing out stereo sound vs surround sound.
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Hey I just got this sound bar and I'm trying to adjust the sub woofer level, but every time I adjust it either goes from 11 to 0 or 0 to 11 and no in between. Has anyone else had this problem?

Edit: Nevermind it's actually +1 instead of 11. Never look at it without your contacts tongue.gif
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