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can someone help me i use to be able to copy game of thrones -my favorite series- from hbo i use to have comcast now i live with daughter she has att my dvd recorder will not copy hbo or starz i have a toshiba dr410 the tv keeps telling me error can not record in video mode i change to vr mode still will not copy i seen a artical on a dp-x7000 will that work i am not computer or dvd recorder savy im 72 years old jst like to copy my series can someone please help me
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The video filter you mentioned should allow you to record your programs, there are also a few other brands(the Video Filter brand comes to mind but it's more expensive although the quality is supposed to be better).
If the device your recording from outputs component video(3 video wires) your cheapest alternative would be a simple component to S-video converter, like this one.
Besides removing CP an advantage of such a product is it it gives you wide screen recording as most STBs only output letterboxed wide screen from their composite outputs, this device takes the true wide screen and converts it to S-video or composite. Though if you have a older 4:3 TV you might not want such a device.
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