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Sony "warranty plans" beyond normal warranty. Are they worth it?

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It appears that I'm going to be purchasing a Sony LCD here in the few days. Not yet sure which model, but it will likely be a 46".

Sony offers the following extended warranties:

Normal warranty (1 year) is free.
2 years = $80.00.
3 years = $100.00
4 years = $150.00
5 years = $200.00.

Does anyone have experience with such plans? For Sony products, do you feel that this is a worthwhile investment? PS: the model I'm most considering is the upcoming W802 in 47", to give you an idea of price $1500.00.
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I just purchased a Sony HX950XBR 55" and no extended warranty $3100
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I would compare the Sony warranty to Square Trade and the Retailer and pick the one that had the best terms. Costco has a good deal on Square Trade and it doesn't matter where you bought it originally. On most electronics I don't bother with extended warranties but after spending too much time on this forum and my last experience with color blocks on my old Sony rp led TV I have been buying warranties on my new tvs.
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I just went through every single review on Amazon for the HX850 and HX950 sets, and not a single ones refers to problems that occur more than one year out. Of course, we could expect that, because who is going to go back to such a product years after purchase...and after all, how old are these two products now...a maximum of two years or something?

I've never bought an extended warranty on anything before, but I must admit, I'm a bit tempted by the $100 for two extra years...

Any other thoughts from anyone?
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The HX850 is about a year old (it's discontinued now) and the HX950 hasn't even been out for an entire year (also discontinued). The previous versions were the HX820 and HX929. there aren't any direct replacements in the 2013 lineup for the 850/950.

Buying a warranty is up to you, but I would make sure to read the terms and conditions for all available plans before you buy. Square Trade is cheap, but repair costs take away from the overall value of your potential replacement. E.g. you spend $1500 on a TV, and you need a repair. Let's say the repair is $400. Maybe you need a second repair that's $200. Then by chance, you need a third repair. You're left with $900 total credit towards a repair/replacement since you've already used $600.
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I got the 2 year warranty for 80 bucks for my HX750. To me its worth it because you never know if something is going to go wrong with the tv.
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