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Soundbar with TRUE wireless satellites speakers

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What are the soundbars that have wireless satellites speakers (wireless to the soundbar AND the subwoofer) ?
I have been searchinf for some, but can't find any...

Thanks !
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The older model JVCs had this.  But no speaker is truly wireless unless they run on batteries they still need power.

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The forthcoming Philips Fidelio Soundbar HTL9100 is completetely wireless, with wireless subwoofer and detachable, wireless rear surround speakers.

The satellites are battery powered, and will run for approximately ten hours before needing to be recharged, accomplished by reattaching them to the main soundbar.

When reattached and charging, the entire unit creates simulated surround, like many other soundbars (each with their own differing capacity to generate a convincing surround effect).

When you want real 5.1 for movies, you once again detach, amd place the surrounds behind you.

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The new SONOS Playbar offers fully wireless surround sound when combined with two SONOS Play:3 units and the SONOS Sub
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I'd read a review of the Sonos recently.

I think you'd need to spend more than the projected $800 of the Phillips to achieve a 5.1 system with the Sonos components.

The other advantage of the Phillips is that it's all integrated, with recharging the surrounds accomplished merely by plugging them into the main unit. The unit senses when the satellites are reattached, and goes automatically into simulated surround.

Also I believe the Phillips uses a wireless technology that's a variant of Bluetooth, meaning less interference, whereas the Sonos uses a form of Wifi that is highly stable, but that would put more radiation into the environment.

The Sonos may be more flexible, in that it is modular, but I believe it does need to piggyback on a home wifi system, whereas the Phillips is self contained.

Of course, it also comes down to how it sounds, something we won't know for a few months. Apparently the Phillips is already selling in Europe, but I haven't found any reviews, yet.
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You're certainly right that the SONOS is more expensive. The Playbar alone starts you at about $700; and then the rears are $300 apiece. But you do have that flexibility to separate it on a whim and enjoy multi-room music for a party without any fuss.

Just a point of clarification, though -- The SONOS system does not use you WiFi at all; it creates its own wireless network, with each speaker as a node. It does require being wired into your hard network/router at one place, though.
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You might want to read this article, which suggests that the Sonos does use Wifi, at first calling it "proprietary", and later suggesting that Sonos somehow makes its network "invisible."


But the Sonos is a flexible system, without doubt. It all depends upon need. For some it will be overkill, and for others a real solution.
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