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1. Is 3200 hours too high? I intended to buy a TV for around 1k to get me through the next 4-5 years while the new tech evolves and becomes affordable and I will remodeling the area the TV sits in that time frame. In other words, if this thing lasts 5 years I will be happy.

2. How can I tell if it is IR that may go away or burn in that wont? Is there a recommended procedure for taking steps to help it heal?

Bought a Best Buy floor model 60ST60 about two months ago w/3500 hours on it ($800). Initially it was very easy to be reminded of the brand - Panasonic emblazoned across any sky shots. I purchased the Disney Disk (mentioned many times) and ran the pixel flipper repeatedly. The IR faded noticeably over that return period - enough that I decided to stick it out. After watching "normal" programming, movies, etc., I rarely notice the logo across the middle of the screen - it's definitely getting better.

I'm happy I stuck with it.

As others have mentioned, I do get temporary IR in some cases (menu's, mainly) but nothing that sticks around for long (more than 5-10 minutes of viewing).

Hope you enjoy the set!

BTW - others have addressed the concern about the number of hours. 3500 hours is 3.5% of the lifetime of the set. I think this would get you through 4-5 years without a problem.