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Need suggestions - New Media room

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I am setting up a new dedicated media room with a screen and projector. I am not able to decide which brand of speakers and how many watts for a size of 20ft X 14 ft room. Is Bose the best bet? If yes, which ones floor standing or wall mountable one? If no, which other brands should I be looking at. I did some research and found Polk, JBL, Definitive Tech are also good. Can anyone also advise me which A/V receiver should I go with? My budget is around 6K.

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How many speakers do you ultimately want in the room? Polk, JBL, and Definitive Tech are capable of meeting your needs but so can lots of other brands. You can look at Onkyo or Denon, or Yamaha receivers but there are others too. Will you be using the room to listen to music? If the room is being built from scratch, you may want to pay attention to acoustics and soundproofing. A general rule stated by those with considerabe experience is that good acoustics and soundproofing can cause middle of the road equipment sound great. If you havent' already done so, take your time and read through the forums on HT construction, audio, and display devices.

You can also review and consult here: http://shop.avscience.com
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My main purpose is to watch movies than listening to music. I am not building the room from scratch. Bought this home which already has a media room. So since i am a newbie in these areas wanted to seek some advice especially regarding the speakers.
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You would be safe going with Polks or Defintive speakers then.
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Safe in the sense quality-wise or price-wise? Are Bose more expensive than these? If yes is the quality better in the Bose?

I have looked at some of the Polk.

Floorstanding - Tsi400
Center - CS10
Surround - Tsi100
Sub- PSW10

Is the above combination good for a room size of 18 X 14?
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You really need to start roughly laying our your room before you worry about what brand of speaker you are buying. Start laying out your seating and your screen size, then you'll get a better handle on what your speaker options are. It's easier to pick, speakers for a room then to try to fit a room around speakers.
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I am going with a 90" screen and Epson 5010e projector. And my seating is only one row to the wall.
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90" is going to look small from that far back. You have plenty of room on the wall to go bigger even with stand alone speakers. Are you building a screen wall?
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Should i go with a 110" then?. I am going with a Screen Innovations screen not wall painted screen.
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When I said screen wall, I wasn't referring to a painted wall, I was refering to a false front theater wall that would house speakers. Take a look at the screen wall section in the dedicated HT forum. Lots of good information on sizing everything up. Not as easy as just saying yes, go with a 110" or a 120" or 160"! What I ended up doing was looking at a range of seating distances and configurations (single row, two row, single row with counter behind), type of seating. A Range of screen sizes. A range of screen placements on the wall. and a range of speaker placements on the front wall. All these things effect viewing and listening angles. A lot of screen size is personal preference, ask 10 opinions on what you should put on the wall and you'll get 10 different answers. But my guess is almost all of them would say go bigger. At 110" I think your more in the ballpark.
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Thanks. Does anyone have any feedback on Def tech Procinema series?
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My media room consultant is suggesting me to go with the below:

Epson 3020 projector
SI 110 screen
Onkyo TX-NR2626
Jamo IW408 - inwall speakers 7.1and other accessories etc,(about 1,699 USD)

I have no issues with the projector, screen and receiver. But I am not sure about the Jamo speakers. He kind of insists to go with them to get the best quality theagtre room experience. But I have not heard much of them and could not find any reviews on them. I was more inclined towards Def Tech or Bose.

My question to gurus is are Jamo speakers worth so much?

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If you're paing a guy as a media consultant I would suggest you go with his recomendation vs the recomendation of anonomous people on a message board. The reason you won't find many reviews on speakers from companies like Jamo is that they are only sold through distributers vs stuff from Bose which are off the shelf models. The one thinkg I would tell you is that if you are impressed with the Bose speakers the Jamo speakers will likely blow your socks off.

A couple of questions you could ask.

1) What would you recommend as the next level up? What are the benefits and what is the additional cost?
2) What would you recommend as the next level down? What are the benefits and what is the additional cost?
3) How many installations have you done with Jamo speakers? Can you year them anywhere?
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Thanks. Your tips are helpful and would make sense. Since I am a newbie in this area I am trying to save my investment. Hence the post for comments.

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I agree it can be overwhelming. FYI Jamo is owned by Klipsh. Here's a link about the 400 and 600 series IW speakers

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Does it make sense to put 7.1 channel speakers in a 17x 14 room or would 5.1 be enough?
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If your consultant is suggesting in wall speakers, you absolutely need a new consultant.
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So what would you suggest? Floorstanding or satellite hooked up to the wall?
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Floor standing, satellite on wall, satellite on speaker stands. Anything but in wall. In walls unavoidably compromise on sound quality for the purpose of aesthetics.
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I bot a 55 inch samsung for my family living room which is about 350 sft and has 20 ft high ceiling. I am looking for some floorstanding speakers. Do i need buy a center channel? And if i buy only two speakers does it need a receiver or can i directly connect to TV?

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