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Marantz nr1603/1604 or sr5005

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I am looking to buy a new 7.1 receiver for my 7.1 speaker system consisting of 2 Monitor Audio BR2 speakers and the Monitor Audio Vector 5.1 package (4 sattelites, 1 centre, 1 sub).
I was looking to get the slimline Marantz 1603 or maybe wait for the 1604, but I discovered that the older SR5005 sells in my country for about the same price as the NR1603. I will use my receiver mainly for music, but also for movies and gaming. I don't care for airplay because I don't own an Apple device. I know that the SR5005 sports double the power of the NR1603, but I don't think it will affect me that much because I won't be listening at huge volumes.
I don't really have space constraints, so I don't care about nr1603's slimline appearance.
I only do care about the sound quality, but I couldn't find anywhere someone comparing these 2 receivers directly (or any other slimline vs 5005).
In theory, maybe, the 5005 should sound a little bit better due to the fact that it is positioned more on the higher end of Marantz's line of products than the slimline receivers are, but I have absolutely no clue, to be honest.
Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
these are the products in question:
1. http://us.marantz.com/us/products/pa...oductId=SR5005
2. http://us.marantz.com/us/products/pa...oductId=NR1603
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They both use Audyssey MultEQ so it depends on whether you want the Networking on the 1603 or not (aside from Airplay). It also features a full set of main zone pre-outs as well as Zone 2 pre-outs whereas the 1603 only features FL/FR pre-outs.
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That is actually not true. Both feature audyssey multiEQ, not multiEQ XT. I don't really know the difference between the two. I, also, am not clear about what the pre-outs do... How would they benefit me if I have 2 monitor audio br2 and 5.1 monitor audio vector. Thank you for the quick reply.
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Oops. was looking at the 7005 specs so yes, they do both have the same version of Audyssey so then choose the model which best meets your feature/input/output requirements.
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