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Balanced mini to BK amp

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I posted this on the sub/transducer forum, but have not had much luck. I'll try it here with my fellow DIYers instead (which I probably should have done from the get-go)

Quick question. I'm attempting to use my balanced minidsp to apply a delay to my BK amp. I am using a phoenix>XLR adapter out of the mini, which has worked perfectly to drive my EP2500. I purchased this adapter to connect to the XLR one, and from there ran the RCA to the BK amp. But I'm getting no output on it at all. I tried switching between to the output feeding the EP and still no dice. The adapter I purchased is supposed to convert a balanced to an unbalanced signal. Am I missing something?
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instead of doing it with an adapter just cut the rca at one end u should have 2 wires strip them down to the bare wire one goes to the ground and one goes to tip of the rca take the one that goes to tip and connect it to the + on the mini dsp then take the wire connected to the ground on the rca and plug it into ( - ) then take a small wire and jumper ( S ) and ( - ) this is the correct way to wire the mini dsp for unbalanced operation who knows what the adapter is doing.
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This can be done with a regular RCA? I thought I had read that you needed twisted pair RCAs to be able to strip and wire it properly?
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nah either u got a pair of twisted wires or a wire and a shield either way u can just wire it up and it will work just don't forget to jumper Shield and - at the mini dsp
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Thanks, will try it when I get home.
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Originally Posted by VEXXD View Post

Thanks for the visual aid! smile.gif
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Worked like a charm, thanks. Now my BK is dialed in with my subs, making for a much better experience.
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