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Problem with my Harmony One remote.

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I made a video showing the problem.


The delay is very annoying. I've tried going into the settings and turning down any delays in there too, and it's all set to 0, but I'm still having problems with it.

Anyone else have this problem?

EDIT: New video of light inside camera going off when I push a button:

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Video is "private," so that won't help.

There is an entire One thread; I suggest you browse that and post there if necessary.

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Oh I'm sorry. Just switched the video to public! It'll work now.
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Doesn't look like a remote issue to me, rather the app/device you're running is slow to respond. You can verify by watching the IR LED on the remote with a digital camera. You'll probably see it flash instantly when you press a button. This is the best any remote can do. If that app is running on an HTPC, you may want to consider getting an SSD. That should give you a significant performance boost.
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The app is running on my main computer, and I can use a keyboard (or even a wireless 360 controller as a remote) and it is instant scrolling. I only have the issue with the harmony remote.
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You could try increasing or decreasing the sensitivity on the device.

In your harmony software go to DEVICES tab

Click TROUBLESHOOT on your HTPC device

Choose "Responds too many times or only occasionally"

Change setting, then SAVE & EXIT

Update your remote and try it over & over until it works.
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You may have the wrong code for "up" and "down." If you can't find something else in the Harmony menu of options for those buttons, you may just want to use the keyboard to "teach" those commands to the One.

How do you have your Harmony configured (Media Center SE)?

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Here is a new video to show the light inside the remote going off when I push a button multiple times:


I'm also trying to change some of the other settings people have mentioned.
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Sorry about the double post, but yeah, I got it so that it's a little better than what it was but there is still a slight delay on it. I changed it so that the remote is basically just using the arrow keys on a normal keyboard instead of using directional keys of another remote.

Anyway I can still get rid of that other delay though yet?
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