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The Bluetooth remote doesn't need to be out of range, just set down somewhere so it holds still (not on a lap or rockingchair). If you're really concerned you can just pop the battery latch so it springs loose, this is what I do when traveling with it so a button getting mashed in transport doesn't waste the batteries. I've been using the BT remote for 4months so far with the original offbrand batteries. I use it more than many between internet, settings tweaking and teasing cats. I do hope I can get the regular remote working because it's nice having keystone buttons right there, occasionally.
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That's a better idea. I thought that devide will search for bluetooth in the event if it can't latch.

I have put a plastic film in between the battery edge and electrode in remote. Whenever I wish to use the remote, I wll just remove the thin film and put it back once I'm done. Since mine is a permanent setup, I wish key stone adjustment might not required smile.gif

Did you ever tried to screen your smartfone to the projector. My room mate has a Samsung Tab3 8, which has Android 4..2.2 with Widi. The projector and Tab did seem to detect each other through Wifi, but not sure why I couldn't share the screen of my tab to projector. The steps given in manual is inadequate.
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I have wirelessly played videos from a Samsung phone through the LG, but full-on screen mirroring from a phone usually requires either a specific hdmi wireless adapter or only works with a certain small set of phones. There might be a phone version of the magic mirror app too, which should work alright but is probably $10. The Wireless screensharing (where it shows a live-stream of your entire monitor) of the LG without any extra loaded apps is limited to x86 computers running compatible software, and I haven't gotten that to work.

It does well with recognizing any available wireless shared videos and networking things like that, it just doesn't seem to like mirroring so you can wirelessly play games or use it as a general wireless monitor without the magicmirror app. I hear wireless without a wirelessHDMI adapter is laggy anyway and not useful for gaming or much else besides slideshows and movies..which it already does wirelessly.

So yeah, wireless video/picture streaming works, but full-featured screen mirroring seems flopped.

If you have WiFi available DLNA works awesomely, but without WiFi (using WiDi) I'll try again but don't remember getting it working either.
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Yes, files in my tab(Samsung Tab3 311) can be played from projector (just like a pendrive) through Wifi DLNA. But screen mirroring doesn't work. My tab has a in built screen mirroring function and a built in Widi too (all androids of ver 4.2 and above has this feature). But still the handshake doesn't happen.
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So How long will this Thing last with FULL brightness and energy saving at MINIMUM? 30000 Hours cant be right?!
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I've seen some LED models listed as low as 15,000 and high as 50,000 before lowering to 80% brightness. We can certainly all hope for the best..which means I'll have an answer in 25years if LG did alright or much sooner if they didn't, lol. If I had to guess, I'd think they'd still be good for 10,000+ even in the worst cases.

Apparently they're cheaper to re-bulb than a JVC if the LEDs go before something else because someone was quoting Lumagen(I always screw up the name) light-engine MSRPs somewhere, and I remember them running around $250 for a single-order/regular consumer. Seemed cool that they'd sell to anyone, but I can't confirm if it's really the truth.
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Can LED RGB Bulbs in projectors like the LG models be "Replaced" or "Hacked"?

- Do they sell the bulbs or kits? can this be on http://www.instructables.com?
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Originally Posted by Jonathan Hersey View Post

Can LED RGB Bulbs in projectors like the LG models be "Replaced" or "Hacked"?

- Do they sell the bulbs or kits? can this be on http://www.instructables.com?

Good luck with that! LED's either work or they don't. Its that simple. Currently The ones that are in projectors can't produce the high light output of lamp based Projectors. Take from someone who has spent THOUSANDS of dollars and HUNDREDS of hours trying to retro fit projectors with LED's or less expensive metal halide lamps. You are wasting your time. Now that the price has come down you would have to be an idiot to even try!! You can make up your own single TFT screen LCD in a box with a lens and a Home depot lamp that will look OK but it will be nowhere the quality of a commercially made Projector - Bohanna
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I'm pretty sure you can get kits (of the bulbs/light sources) from both lumagen and little LED kits from TI. You can also get limited DLP kits from TI and some manufacturers sell DLP/LCoS panels+boards for decently affordable prices. It really makes me wish I was a smarter person sometimes, lol.
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Okay, it's kinda funny and ironic having the longevity brought up..now that my heart-rate has lowered back to normal. My PA75u just took an overly dramatic fall while I was lifting it over some furniture, on a tripod how you aren't supposed to. I must've failed the lock and the PJ threw itself several feet down, broke some China and bounced up onto a chair! I picked it up and it cracked back together in my grip. I gave it a gentle shake, heard the light sound of broken glass inside and commenced cursing.

Figuring there's little to lose from a quick test it powered right up and looks perfectly normal. I gave it another shake and didn't hear anything, so now I'm wondering if it just had a little bit of China in the fan-vent that shook out. I'll be back to gripe if it turns out broken, but it seems fine so far.

Either way, on the bright side, the bounce didn't have it land on my laptop.
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Don't worry, its your hard earned money, so it survived.

@Ftoast: May be you might have just fixed the lens alignment issue smile.gif pls give a step by step procedure on how the fall happened from tripod so that others can follow to get their lens issue fixed smile.gif may be LG might be snooping on this forum and may put your steps in to their manual 'OMG'
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Yeah, those projectors can become top heavy on a tripod.
So you were lifting it up over a piece of furniture ? was it a couch because you said it bounced back up onto a chair ?
These LED projectors are pretty much solid state, hardly any moving parts other than the fans, that's another reason why I love them biggrin.gif no color wheel to wear out or shatter.
You said all in the same fall and movement you gripped the projector ? and the case snapped back together ? in your words cracked back together.
So the force of the fall caused the case of the projector to come apart ?
These LED projectors can take a little trauma and still work, but still pretty much wont survive in a intentional smash'em up on the concrete floor and see if it survives force.
The old UHP bulb and color wheel projector ? even if you accidentally bumped your head against it could, might, maybe cause damage to the projector.
When you shook it it did sound like broken glass ? or a screw that was broken lose inside the case ?
I can't think of anything glass other than the lens, but those are suppose to be made out of plastic, or the lens in front of the LEDs.
That is ? if the LGPA75U has a lens in front of the LEDS.
The things I would worry about are the main lens, the light path and mirrors, and fans.
Everything else could ? maybe take some what of a shock and survive.
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It was being lifted over a pair of rockingchairs separated by a short table with a large China bowl. It landed on the bowl hard enough to bounce up and over a chair's wooden arm and end up seated in the chair. The back halves must've misaligned slightly between the corner screws (nothing was noticeably apart and nothing feels loose), then it popped back in place as I picked it up from its seat. I guess one of the plastic clips that hold it together popped out of place in the fall and then back in from the slight squeeze. The rattle sounded like very small slivers of glass (or maybe ceramic/china) but it either settled somewhere or fell out because it doesn't do it now. The fans are still quiet too, so nothing got stuck or messed up there.

I've read a review of one of the cheaper benq's taking a fall from a shelf and still playing as long as a weight(book) was placed on top. I've watched a few hours of video and everything is as if nothing happened.

As a side, I finally have a solid 105" screen in the family room that flips up to lay along the ceiling (so the TV is unblocked) and despite being surrounded by windows with terrible curtains (next project..better curtains), I can't get 3D to lose sinc for more than a second. Even turning away from the screen doesn't throw it off, I don't know if it's the PJ or if I got really lucky with these $12 DLPlink G15's but I'm trying to think of excuses to use 3D more often.
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Brought the LG to a friend's and whatever is inside -broken- IS still inside rattling around on occasion. I'm really not looking forward to taking it apart again.
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I wonder it would be better to use this projector with a silver screen or a white screen. I'm not quite happy with the white wall that I'm using right now. Have anybody use the silver screen with it? I don't know if the noise and hot spot problem in silver screen would be an issue for a low lumens projector like this one.

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