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Best Buy to replace my Pioneer Kuro 6020fd for....good/even trade? - Page 2

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Yeah especially since I paid $1400 for the set a couple months back. Good deal!
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^Wow, the 6020FD breaking down on you was the equivalent of you inheriting a small fortune. :0
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Haha. I've had good luck with Pioneer Kuro's. Bought my first one (8g) for $200 cause it was "broke" and replaced the mainboard for $50 and works like a dream. Then this happens. I love Kuro's!
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Well I've done the unthinkable. I went back to an LCD/LED tv. I found a great deal on a used Samsung UN55B8500 for $700 and has Best Buy warranty until the end of the year, which I'll be able to extend for another year. I've always have loved Local Dimming LED's. I've had the Sony 46xbr8, LG 47LE8500, and now this 55UNB8500. I couldn't resist the price and the warranty that comes along with it. And hey, it might just break again and I'll get the price of what was paid for which was $3199.99 according to the receipt. Now I could use that Best Buy credit for other things while still having a pretty nice TV.
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Man, I must've gotten used to the plasmas because this Samsung is bright! I had to tone it down some for sure but I'm pretty happy with this set. I'll be content for awhile. Blacks were slightly better on the Kuro but motion seems a lot better on this set. I feel the major downgrade was going from a 60 to a 55. That's probably the only thing ill miss in regards to replacing the Kuro with this Samsung. I had fun here at the plasma forums but looks like ill be done browsing these forums as constantly as I have lately until affordable 4k tvs come. Thx for everyone's help!
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^There is an affordable one from Chinese manufacturer, Seiki, already (only 50", though). wink.gif
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How did you get a $3700 credit and you said you only paid $1400? I have a 50in 5020fd Kuro in which the panel has gone and I now have a black line half way up the right side of the tv. I have the full protection, so they are coming to look at it Thursday. I highly doubt they will have a part to fix it, so I guess I'm looking at a replacement. I wonder what they will offer me. Anyone have any thoughts. I've been looking at the 60in VT and ZT, so it sounds like I can get a credit for what I paid for it. It was almost four years ago, so I don't know if they go by "value" or price paid. Thanks in advance for any thoughts or comments. I believe I paid $1900 originally as it was a floor model near the end of the run.
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^He bought it used from someone, and apparently the Best Buy Black Tie Protection is transferable. Nice perk.
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Ah. That makes sense. Any thoughts on what is fair for a replacement? Short of a VT or ZT, I would probably take the 1900 and just pony up the rest for one of them in 60in. I would take a 55in VT60 straight up I think.
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^ What vinnie said. Bought it used and they gave me full purchase price. It is a good perk. That's why I bought another used set with the same plan.

I'm not sure they'll give you a 60" set for a replacement but its possible. They offered me a 64" from a 60" but from a 50" idk. I think they'll offer you a Samsung 8500 or vt60. What size I'm not sure.
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I think a 55in VT60 would be a fair trade. I know they make at 50 in the ST, but the VT would be more comparable in my opinion
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Originally Posted by ajsimeon View Post

I found a great deal on a used Samsung UN55B8500 for $700

Meanwhile on Craigslist in my city, there is a Panasonic TC-P42C1 for $400, a 50" 720p Sanyo plasma for $300, and an antique LG plasma that looks like it's from the 90s for $600. The next time that I see a good deal on a used TV around here will be the first time.
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The tech showed up today and said that it needs a new panel. He said that it was "out of stock" when he called to check on it. I should hear from Geek Squad soon on what they want to do. Afterwards I did some calling and Pioneer told me that they actually have panels available for the 5020fd! The cost is $2500. I called an authorized Pioneer Service Center and the gentleman said it would be about $300 for the labor and I would have to pay for the freight of the panel, which would be around $400, plus tax on the services. In the end we're probably looking at $3300 all in to fix the tv. That said, I'm assuming they will try and replace my tv with a new one. Given the cost to repair it and its picture quality the 60 ZT is $3500 msrp at best buy, so at their cost they could give me the picture equivalent cheaper than trying to fix it. That is my first choice, but would probably take a VT60 if I had to. Do you think my asking price is fair given the circumstances?
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I'm going to guess that they won't give you a zt. Zt's start at 60" correct? Not sure they give you a swap from a 50" to 60". Especially since you payed much less then what the zt is for but you could argue for it.

I'd like to add that I'm perfectly happy with my Samsung 55b8500. I have no regrets taking the best buy credit and purchasing this TV especially for the price I got it at with warranty left on it. Chad b had a glowing review for this TV and I definitely see why. The biggest perk is that it's a much cooler temp and doesn't heat up the bedroom but the biggest drawback is the reduction in size. Didn't think 5" would've made that much a difference.
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